YouTube Updates: New metrics in Analytics, and more

YouTube updates

YouTube has announced a few significant updates to metrics in Analytics and a few alterations in the mobile app of Studio.

The mobile app of YouTube Studio has gone through a few improvements to upgrade the experience for creators, and the platform has also announced updates for impression data of creator videos.

Living Room Impression Data

This is one of the most significant updates for data analytics of videos. Starting this month, Living Room Impressions will start to appear in YouTube Analytics. Impressions generated from sources such as TV, gaming consoles, and more will start to appear in Analytics.

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This change will not affect a video’s standard performance and is only an alteration to reporting data. Only the clickthrough rate may change, but overall metrics such as watch time, views, and revenue will remain unaffected.

New & Returning Viewers Metrics in Analytics

This is a new metric launched in YouTube Analytics, creators can now see this graph in the ‘Audience’ tab to segregate the new viewers. The metric has been rolled out on full scale for creators but not for content owners and artist channels.

Real-Time Card for Studio (Mobile)

The real-time card in Youtube Studio (Mobile) has been updated with a visual improvement – creators can now see the thumbnail of the videos, and the videos will also be sorted through the number of views.

Tabs on the Studio (Mobile) have also been sorted as per the frequently-used prioritization.