Philips Father’s Day Campaign encourages viewers to ‘trim’ the communication gap

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Philips Father's Day

With their Father's Day campaign titled, ‘Never Have I Ever’ Philips explores how the emotional distance between a father and his son can be cut out, all one needs to do is take the first step.

Created in association with TVF, #KhulKeBolo is a content marketing campaign by Philips for OneBlade and uplifts the sons to rise from their qualms and express love to their fathers, so they can reciprocate. The Father's Day campaign features Abhilash and Dhairya, the characters from the popular series TVF Aspirants.

More often than not, a father-son relationship, especially in the Indian culture, has been one full of fear, respect, duties, and obligations. Fathers typically refrain from showing love to their sons and are habitually devoted to the duties of nourishing the family and fulfilling their needs and desires.

The same relationship traits can be traced back to the grandfather, the forefathers, and so on. But Philips and TVF intend to break this chain keeping the sons and fathers apart, by driving the sons to express their love in their own little ways and assure the father that they can do the same.

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A fun drinking game between the relatable characters unveils repressed emotions, leading to hilarious banters and a thoughtful gift that paves the way for genuine conversations, cutting through the awkwardness. The OneBlade campaign keeps the viewers engaged through and through.

The heartwarming narrative covers multiple touchpoints that usually lead to unexpressed love, such as the mother being a messenger, son’s hesitancy, or fathers simply not knowing how to express love. These references make the campaign relatable for everyone and trigger the need to utter the three most beautiful words in the world (however awkward it may be).

Seamless product integration in the narrative maintains the authenticity of the Philips Father's Day campaign and amplifies the emotional quotient, portraying how we can show our love that was always there but never seen.

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