Instagram launches 1 Minute Music featuring local artists


Instagram launches a new music property, 1 Minute Music, a set of music tracks and videos, exclusively available on its platform, for use on Reels and Stories.

Instagram announced a new music property, 1 Minute Music, a set of music tracks and videos, exclusively available on its platform, for use on Reels and Stories. This includes music from 200 artists across India. The music will be accompanied by music videos, which too will be available exclusively on Instagram.

In the past 10 days, music from Himanshi Khurana, Kaur B and Gurnazar Chattha has already gone live.

Reels is a growing global stage, where artists and music are being discovered. Since its launch, artists have been using it to launch their music and share it with others, which in turn is fueling many trends on the platform. To fuel this further, and to inspire others to unleash their talent as well, Instagram is now releasing the ‘1 Minute Music’ property.

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Paras Sharma, Director, Content & Community Partnerships, Facebook India (Meta), says, “Music is a catalyst for trends on Instagram today. In fact, Reels is becoming the platform for people to discover music and artists too. With ‘1 Minute Music’, we’re now giving people access to an exclusive set of tracks they could use to make their reels more entertaining. We’re also hoping this platform serves as a paradigm for established and emerging artists to share their own music, and create their own videos, all on Reels.”

The property will have music representation from artists across India, so it interests everyone in India using Instagram. This includes Hindi artists like Dhvani Bhanushali, Neeti Mohan and Shaan, Punjabi artists like Jassie Gill, Himashi Khurana and Gurnaam Bhullar and Tamil artists like Aniruth, Sivaangi and GV Prakaash Kumar.

Music distribution and artist services company, Believe, has worked with Instagram for this association. Vivek Raina, Managing Director – India, Believe, says, “Reels is a core part of our plans, as we look to engage audiences for our artists, and immerse their songs in pop culture. I’m glad Instagram’s seeing this artist’s behavior and innovating with #1MinMusic – which is a very relevant, new-age genre of music today. We hope this provides the structure for artists, emerging and established, to understand the way they need to think about short-form video. We’re glad to have worked with Instagram on this.”

The ‘1 Minute Music’ will be available for people to use within the Reels audio gallery. They can also be viewed here:

Over the past year, Instagram has made several additions to its music features. This includes music on feed post, save sounds, voiceover, mixed audio, Superbeat, 2D and 3D lyrics, and audio browser amongst others