Meesho sends legal notice to influencer agency for apparent smear campaign

Meesho Twitter

Meesho has sent a ‘cease & desist’ notice to an influencer marketing agency that allegedly ran a Twitter campaign with several influencers with an objective to defame the brand with derogatory remarks.

Ravisutanjani Kumar, Vice President – Partnerships, Testbook, first shared screenshots of Tweets by Zinal Shah, Rajesh Shah, Mahima Jalan, and Ashish Jain, citing that the derogatory remarks on Meesho made by these influencers on Twitter are actually a paid campaign running with an objective to defame the start-up with bought retweets and likes.

Later on, Udita Pal, Co-Founder, SaltPe, shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation as proof, and mentioned that she was also approached to be a part of this campaign and was asked to post similar Tweets defaming Meesho in exchange for monetary funds, which she refused to post.

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According to multiple media reports, Meesho has sent a legal notice to the influencer marketing company that executed the campaign, and also to an influencer who publicly admitted to being paid for the campaign designed to smear Meesho’s brand image, whilst directly making remarks at the company and tagging the investing companies such as Sequoia Capital.

The ‘cease and desist’ notice consists of asking the influencer marketing manager to reveal on whose command was the campaign run, takedown of all defamatory posts, and act of issuing an unconditional apology. This notice was reviewed by Moneycontrol.