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Many times your friends have posted a status update on their profile/timeline. Many times you have commented on it. Many times in excitement or say thanks to the T9 dictionaries or the Swype keyboards on your phones, you have ended up with a typo when you’ve commented on the updates… How many times has this happened to you guys?

All of us have done it I’m sure ;) A while ago facebook had already allowed you to correct the comment, if you click on the x mark when you want to delete the comment. For many it would just be having to delete the comment and type it over again.

Now, facebook allows you to directly edit your comment with an option right there when you click to delete the comment. It gives you an option to delete or edit your comment directly.  Instead of the ‘x’ it is now a small pencil with the dropdown as edit or delete. Gives you a clear indication that you can go ahead and change the comment and not have to delete it.

How to Edit Comment on Facebook

Edit Comment on Facebook

Edit Comment on Facebook

View  Editied History of Comments on Facebook

View Editied History of Comments on Facebook

What’s more, it also will let you see your editing history for a comment so that the commenters or likers have the full context of the conversation.  So, in a way it helps people see the history of the comments if there are some edited comments and thus the users don’t get lost.

Have you tried it out yet?

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