Social Media Campaign Review: CelebrityYou Campaign by Revlon India to Promote its New Range of Cosmetics

Revlon India CelebrityYou campaign

When cosmetics major, Revlon decided to launch its PhotoReady range it took social media marketing a little too seriously. Aimed at positioning a range of products that is designed to help every woman to look PhotoReady (read, like a celebrity) all the time, the idea is to celebrate the “celebrity you” hidden in each woman.


The PhotoReady digital campaign has been introduced to promote new products within the PhotoReady Range namely – the PhotoReady BB Crème, the PhotoReady Dual-ended Kajal and the PhotoReady Mascara.

The idea is to reinforce Revlon’s brand proposition while inspiring women to express themselves freely. It also seeks to remind customer about the already existing products within the range, and promote them further.


Revlon launched a digital campaign across major social media platforms including a Facebook Application, a Twitter handle and an online contest called ‘CelebrityYou’ to promote its PhotoReady range.

The Facebook application, launched on October 14, 2013, allows a user to morph herself into a celebrity. She is also encouraged to upload a photo of hers in one of the three templates provided — a Billboard, a Magazine Cover or a Street Hoarding — along with one of the newly launched PhotoReady products to look and feel like a celebrity herself.

Revlon India CelebrityYou campaign facebook app

Revlon India CelebrityYou campaign facebook app


This final stage of the contest is the participant’s entry into the PhotoReady giveaway contest by uploading a photo which the participant feels is the celebrity moment in her life.

Revlon India’s Twitter page, meanwhile asked fans were asked to share their celebrity moment photos.

The Revlon India Facebook page also shares titbits on a wide range of topics ranging from celebrities, fashion, lifestyle, vacations, to diets etc.

Prizes: The winners of the PhotoReady contest get the opportunity to be part of a photo-shoot with photographer Anushka Menon, who started out as one of India’s youngest female celebrity photographers and has since then become well known in the world of fashion.


The campaign has generated a lot of buzz online. The Facebook application, launched on October 14, 2013 drew over 420 entries within the first three days itself. Since the beginning of the campaign on August 19, 2013, Revlon India’s Facebook page has seen an addition of more than 95,675 fans, with an increase of 22 per cent in engagement.

A lot of integrated online promotion is happening with Revlon’s make-up expert Bianca Hartkopf providing audiences with make-up tips on how to wear makeup like a celebrity using Revlon’s new products from the PhotoReady Range on their Facebook page. Besides this, collaborations with beauty bloggers and beauty writers are on the anvil.

Revlon’s guest photographer, Anushka Menon, will share her take on how to be PhotoReady with a live session on the Revlon Facebook page. Add to that tips and trends that the photographer will write in terms of articles, posts, tweets etc and there is a lot of online action with the PhotoReady campaign.

Scope for Improvement

The only thing missing in this campaign is offline integration. Some action on Instagram might have added more pizzazz to this campaign.


Overall, the PhotoReady campaign has been well designed and implemented. Innovative in its concept and reinforcing Revlon’s brand message, it succeeds in making waves right ahead of the festive and wedding season in India. The tagline “Celebrity You” keeps the focus on the beauty within each woman, and captures the essence of the campaign well.