Johnson’s Baby: Making You Nostalgic With Grandparent’s Day

Memories of childhood and holidays spent at home usually involve your grandparents in some form. They’re usually the happiest of memories. The countless stories, good food and words of golden advise that seem to never fade across our whole lives. These are usually the small things we pass on to our children, nephews or nieces. Johnson’s Baby Grandparent’s Day campaign is all about reliving that nostalgia.


  • Asking mothers to remember the times when the small yet meaningful activities with their grandparents made a massive impact on their lives and making it all the more better.
  • The video was released with the idea of encouraging users to connect their children with their grandparents.


To connect the gap we create between our grandparents and children. That is the idea behind this campaign. We don’t do it on purpose usually, but our hectic lives rob the small kids in our families from the love and affection our grandparents usually shower them with. Their lives turn out to be more happy and nostalgic while the grandparents themselves couldn’t be more happier to have them around.



The Grandparent’s Day campaign was launched in 2 phases. Phase 1 entailed a range of Facebook posts with the hashtag, #RememberWhen. Each post is a picture of a child with a grandparent and creating a memory. From cooking with your grandmother to listening to your grandfather telling you a story, it could be anything at all.

The tweets were similar to the Facebook posts with an encouragement to users to use the hashtag and remember the good old times.

Phase 2 was based on a video that contained a montage of snippets of various situations that a grandparent usually shares with their grandchildren. Launched on the 7th of September, each situation spoke of what each child learnt from their grandparents. With the theme of the video about encouraging users to connect their children with their grandparents and give them a slice of the happiness that they are missing out on.


Evoking emotion among users and fans

When campaigns surround elements that revolve around family, it almost always evokes nostalgic memories that are strong. These memories have usually been the cornerstone of your childhood and builds your character. People relate to those really well. Campaigns such as these give them an opportunity to speak out loud about their experiences.

The result of such evoking emotions mean that a lot of curiosity is generated. Not to mention parents having that strong feeling of wanting their kids to spend time with their grandparents. If this happens, the objective of this campaign is immediately successful.


Giving the brand a boost

When a brand does a campaign like this, the emotions that are evoked means a lot is left on the mind of the user or fan. These lingering thoughts keep the brand clearly in the mind of the person. The brand’s products then get a lot more attention than before from that user. An immediate edge over the competitor’s products.

Promoting the brand as family loving and inspiration to your kids to be with their grandparents keeps them inclined to the brand. The campaign too then becomes popular or viral even. A win-win situation.

Scope for Improvement

Better timing perhaps

With phase 2 of this campaign being launched on the 7th of September which was also Grandparent’s Day, I feel this video could have been launched earlier. Just to get people into the feel a day or 2 before the actual day they were targeting.

Giving people time to put thought into action before the day they target is a good way to make them feel the objective of this campaign.



Overall a really good campaign. With strong emotions being targeted in the video and social media posts, it really hits home with the user or fan of this brand. Instigating a memory of childhood and grandparents and the happiness attached to them inspires a lot of people and even motivates them to act upon it if not placing an idea in their mind. The idea with which this campaign is all about anyway. Perhaps better timing with the campaign may have generated a lot of curiosity and attention to the brand but it’s great as is too!