ASUS's new campaign deals with low battery anxiety

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Apr 11, 2016 12:29 IST
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ASUS's new campaign deals with low battery anxiety
Anguish, edginess, anxiety over speedy exhaustion of battery life - we’ve all been there, at least once with our smart phones! Now ASUS India has come to the rescue whipping up an interesting campaign that highlights the strong battery life and power bank feature of the recently launched ZenFone Max.

Low battery, every man’s nightmare?

Making smart phones our best friends, habitually clinching them close to us has become a norm. And if our best friends are draining, who wouldn’t feel outlandish?

Producing an entirely crowd sourced film; ASUS discussed the dilemmas of the short lived battery lives of today’s smart phones. People in the film shared nastiest real life incidents of their phones dying.

The video shows the unanimous apprehension towards weak battery powers of such phones, using humor, realistic examples, and direct interaction with the consumers itself.

Enter – ZenFone Max

After filming the rant and wrath of the customers with their current low battery issues, ASUS handed them with their ZenFone Max and asked them to guess its battery life. Estimates ranging from a couple hours to a day came up.  But in conclusion the revelation left them in absolute shock.

Finally, they were asked to connect the spanking new ZenFone Max with their phones and they could witness that their phones were actually getting charged. The brand came up with a witty word play around the phone, next time if your battery drains just say, “Battery Low, Battery Lo!”

Multi-faceted product personality

Unlike most of the brands, ASUS did not just boast of offering a better option in the market but also proved exactly why. Staying close to today’s trend, most people use two phones. Riding on ASUS showcased its product to meet the burning necessity of today’s smart phone battery issues.

We went around & asked India its worst low battery nightmare, what we heard next gave us nightmares! Watch the video &...

Posted by ASUS India on Monday, April 4, 2016


Battery being the call of the hour, the brand came up with a super solution to the low battery whines of today’s smart-phone customers. ASUS solves the problem by introducing a battery power of a massive 5000 mAh on its ZenFone Max.

Additionally, the handset acts a power charger for other cell phones as well. So when your brand ‘X’ cell phone’s battery is down, ASUS offers a simple solution – Battery Low? Battery Lo!

My phone's low battery warning is theonly warning I take seriously.#BatteryLowBatteryLo

Posted by Shishir Rajput on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A guy saved his GFs number as #BatteryLowBatteryLo. If she called his wife would plugin the charger, phew!

Posted by Malcolm Rodrigues on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Beer got me, 20% battery left so I kept Cell on charge & slept, next morning #BatteryLowBatteryLo Because forgot to switch it on!

Posted by Manish Mehta on Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The film goes on to portray how the ZenFone Max enables phone-to-phone charging, delighting users who would normally carry their charger as an additional unwanted accessory out of obligation.

The video received more than 183,000 views on YouTube and more than 3.8K Likes on Facebook. The film has gone viral, thanks to it’s innovate concept and a very consumer-focused treatment by the brand.

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