#ISL2019: How Maruti Suzuki gave hardcore ISL fans a front-seat view without being present at the stadium


Brand Introduction

Maruti Suzuki is an automobile manufacturer in India and is known for breaking the clutter with cutting edge models and engineering.


Star Sports & Hero Indian Super League


Hero ISL sponsors – Maruti Suzuki wanted Hero ISL fans to be LIMITLESS in supporting their favourite team. To showcase their long-term association with the league and it being the 5th edition of Hero ISL, Maruti Suzuki wanted to go big on innovation and impact with the FINALE in mind


Creating ground-breaking technological innovation for Hero ISL fans to BE LIMITLESS and make their presence felt in the stadium during the Hero ISLFinale.


Reach out to Hero ISL fans that would be missing out on watching the Hero ISL Finale from the stadium due to various reasons.

The idea was to give a few lucky fans a chance to watch the game sitting on the “front seat” at the stadium using technological innovation and make them LIMITLESS.


Hardcore Hero ISL fans from different states were contacted to know reasons why they’d not be able to watch the Hero ISL Finale at the venue. A back-story of the reason behind missing out on the game was shot for fellow fans to take notice.

Maruti Suzuki #LimitlessFans at the #HeroISLFinal

Football ⚽ is nothing without supporters ?That's why Maruti Suzuki Arena gave their #LimitlessFans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be virtually present at the #HeroISLFinal in Mumbai ?!? See it here ?#HeroISL #LetsFootball

Posted by ISL- Indian Super League on Friday, 22 March 2019

As the brand’s philosophy goes –“Be Limitless”, Maruti Suzuki used internet & LIVE connectivity to make the fans be seated in the front seat, without actually having to go to the stadium. The innovation gave Hero ISL fans who had genuine reasons to not be at the stadium – such as Doctors who are on call, differently-abled persons, new parents, and more – an opportunity to be a part of the game with a seamless experience. 

The brand created a first of its kind virtual seating in any sport in the country, by using the LED perimeter board around the football pitch which was to be used as a medium for fans to be present at the stadium and be seen LIVE on TV.

Fans were streamed LIVE on the LEDPerimeter board as they watch the FINALE from home while being a part of the crowd being seated in the “front seat”.

The LED Perimeter also surprised the players, creating buzz on ground and on social media. With #Swift trending, the brand managed to raise eyebrows.


Combining technology with the growing popularity and passion for football, Maruti Suzuki managed to present them as a brand of this age. The automobile brand further managed to penetrate larger markets, especially engaging with the youth.

The brand achieved an Overall Sponsorship Impact of +35% with +29% of uplift on Key Brand Metrics.

As per the research report from Nielson’s Sports, the uplift in the key metrics of the brand are as below

  1. Limitless Fan Activation on Finale


Seen by 36% of the respondents

  • Digital Mosaic on Finale


Seen by 35% of the respondents

  • Maruti Suzuki Arena Ground Activations

+12% Avg. Uplift

Seen by 46% of the respondents

  • Maruti Suzuki AR Graphics in Live Match

+19% Uplift

Seen by 60% of the respondents