Road to 2020: Industry experts share Marketing & Advertising trends

Road to 2020 Trends

Looking forward to 2020 with hope, experts share insights, predicting the Marketing & Advertising trends that brands would find on the Road to 2020.

With artificial intelligence taking over and algorithms evolving on a daily basis, there is a lot on the plate of marketers and advertisers as they sit to plan their journey on the Road to 2020. Voice, video, and vernacular are expected to go big, even as the basics of adding a human touch to brand communication remains a priority.

Burzin Mehta

Three trends marketers and advertisers should follow: Indulge in mass personalisation, respect consumer privacy and engage with the help of micro-influencers. When it comes to the process of building a trusted brand, brands should avoid tokenism, be accessible and interact with consumers as humans.

Burzin Mehta, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy

Ayush Agrawal

Facebook and Instagram will continue to be our mainstays in the upcoming year, and we will look at leveraging our content strategy on these platforms to the fullest. We will explore designing a communication strategy around it since senior citizens are pretty comfortable using WhatsApp.

Ayush Agrawal, Co-founder of Seniority

A digital marketing trend that would go big in the BFSI space next year is omnichannel — a multichannel marketing strategy where you set up various touchpoints to ease the customer’s buying journey. Other trends include deploying AI for content marketing, customer service and advertising, and investing in Video Marketing.

Abonty Banerjee, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Tata Capital

Abhishek Joshi

Going forward, marketers and advertisers should invest in augmented reality, interactive content and personalisation of content and communication. It is important for the industry persons to be honest as it takes you a long way, bring value with the product, experience and pricing, and be consistent at doing so.

Abhishek Joshi, Head of Marketing & Business Partnerships at MX Player

Though the consumer is always on and flirting between different touchpoints, they don’t act in a sequential manner when it comes to buying. Going forward, it is important to map out consumer journey and focus on customer experience. The marketing service budget for traditional is coming down and by 2020, the number could slip below 20% globally

CVL Srinivas, Country Manager, WPP India

Trends to look out for along the road to 2020 include voice and artificial intelligence. Apart from these, the staples like keeping the customer first, thinking from their perspective and commitment to service will be key. It is important, more than ever, for the industry to differentiate between the brands and the category.

Sonia Notani, CMO, IndiaFirst Life Insurance

Carlton DSilva

Brands should definitely adopt AI and stop worrying too much about what goes out on social media. The life of these posts is a day or two and they shouldn’t be too bothered about the content that goes up. Another key aspect to remember is that minimalistic design is something all should adapt to. Just because there is space doesn’t mean it has to be filled.

Carlton D’Silva, CEO & CCO at Hungama Digital Services

Gaurav Midha

The industry should pay attention to the convergence of digital and physical shopping carefully, indulging in responsible consumerism. It is important to be aware and inclusive of diversity. Trust has to be ingrained into the very ethos of the brand end to end. It has to be a way of life.

Gaurav Midha, Senior Marketing Manager, Tanishq

Leveraging content marketing with relevant messaging is increasingly becoming important for brands, especially now when multiple brands are jostling for the same set of consumers. Trends that will go big in 2020 include influencer marketing on emerging platforms, AI and ML, and content personalisation

Sapna Arora, CMO, OLX