Case Study: How FunFoods by Dr.Oetker’s Mother’s Day campaign reached 2mn+ viewers

#CookWithMoms- FunFoods by Dr.Oetkar

In a bid to spread the message of helping mothers amidst the lockdown, FunFoods by Dr.Oetker leveraged an emotional poem by the creator, Yahya Bootwala through Instagram & Facebook.

Brand & Category Introduction

FunFoods by Dr. Oetker was the first brand in India to introduce an ad campaign ‘Food Mein Daalo Magic’ in 2015, an educational approach to showcase versatility of mayonnaise as an ingredient. It evolved it’s communication with the launch of the campaign ‘Iska Taste Mile, Toh Sab Milein’ in 2019, taking the emotional storytelling approach of bringing the family together over food.


Women, especially mothers, are FunFoods’ primary target audience and therefore on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the brand conceptualized #CookWithMom, a thought-provoking concept, that aims to connect with viewers on an emotional level and encourages them to support moms with domestic chores, by sharing the load in the kitchen.

FunFoods by Dr.Oetker collaborated with Yahya Bootwala, a young poet and a digital Influencer to bring alive this message through an emotional poetic monologue.

The poem capped with the backdrop attempts to make them reflect upon the fact that often, our mothers’ hard work, goes unnoticed and isn’t appreciated enough. Using the context of the current lockdown, he urges viewers to help their moms in the kitchen to cook food.

Problem Statement/Objective

The objective of the campaign was to connect with the audience on Mother’s day through a thought-provoking message. The brand realized how difficult this time is for all moms who work for us tirelessly, day and night.

FunFoods by Dr.Oetker wanted to send out a warm thank you message to all moms and not stop there, but go beyond just saying “Thank you” and trigger the thought of helping mothers in the kitchen and encourage viewers to #CookWithMom.


The brief for the brand was simple- “How do you innovatively, communicate the message to the audience, and thank moms for everything they do for us?”

Creative Idea

The creative idea was to develop an emotional poetic monologue with a young influencer, who uses real-life nuances to trigger the thought of helping mothers in the kitchen and encourage viewers to #CookWithMom.

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The roll-out and amplification plan for the brand was as follows:

  • Finalizing Yahya Bootwala- Why him? He is a young, boy-next-door personality resonates with the audience and is very talented.
  • Shooting the video in Yahya’s kitchen with a mobile phone and finalizing last-minute additions/ ideas.
  • Release strategy: Facebook and Instagram were the primary social platforms to release the video. The brand decided to break the campaign first on Yahya’s social pages followed by the brand pages


The brand claims to have seen 99.9% positive sentiment. The video collectively reached over 6 million people and has garnered over 2 million views on Facebook and Instagram. It has been shared over 2400 times on these platforms.

It was also actively shared on various family & friends WhatsApp groups.