Case Study: How SUGAR Cosmetics’ leveraged Influencer Network for Women’s Day campaign

SUGAR Cosmetics

SUGAR cosmetics case study shows how the brand leveraged social media & influencers to stand against female foeticide & reach 43 lakhs plus users on Women’s Day 2020.

SUGAR cosmetics took a stand against female foeticide on this women’s day leveraging social media and influencers for its #BetterWithHer campaign. The brand aimed to bring forth the picture without women through this digital activity via #GetThePicture Hashtag posts.

Category Introduction

Growing at a CAGR of 25 percent, India is set to become one of the top five global revenue markets by 2025, according to a Redseer report. What was a trickle for women – buying essential cosmetic products has now snowballed into a flood, with diverse consumers presenting an opportunity like never before; $20 billion is the projected market size by 2025, given that India’s cosmetics and cosmeceutical market continues to grow at 25 percent every year.

Brand Introduction

SUGAR Cosmetics entered the India market in mid-2015. The brand led the industry movement towards “mattes” with its Matte Liquid Lipsticks and Matte Eyeliners. Since then, SUGAR has reached 450+ SKUs in India.

The cosmetics’ brand commenced as a digitally native brand persona with a focus on performance marketing, collaborations with influencers and content-driven marketing. Post the growth in their retail presence – SUGAR has been investing in various other ATL and on-ground BTL activities like OOH branding, print & radio advertising, collaborations with like-minded brands/ entities and engaging participation in events.


This Women’s Day, SUGAR asked women to show their support and fight against female foeticide and infanticide by uploading a family photo across social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter wherein they simply scribble out the women in the picture, along with the message –

“This Women’s Day, make a difference by being the voice for those who didn’t make it! Do your bit to stand up against female foeticide and infanticide in India. So spread the message and show your support by uploading your scribbled photographs, so the world can truly #GetThePicture. #BetterWithHer #TrySUGAR #SUGARCosmetics”.

Problem Statement/Objective

The Ministry of Finance estimates that, as of 2014, 63 million women in India have gone missing due to both differential female survival and sex selection. While the national child sex ratio in 1991 was 945 girls for every 1,000 boys aged 0 to 6, by 2011, it had fallen to 918. According to a study by demographer Christophe Guilmoto, by 2060, more than 10% of men will still be single by the time they turn 50 years old.

To raise awareness about this alarming issue of female foeticide and infanticide in the country, SUGAR launched this digital campaign #getthepicture #betterwithher. The campaign inspired consumers to emphasize on how important women are, and what their families would look like without them.


  • To raise awareness about female foeticide and infanticide around the time of Women’s Day.
  • Creating virality for this strong message on various digital platforms
  • Building engaging user generating content that further creates a ripple effect, bringing greater reach for the campaign.

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Creative Idea

To solve the purpose of putting out strong content that could clearly address this issue of female foeticide, SUGAR Cosmetics content team coined the concept behind #getthepicture #betterwithher digital campaign. The concept was – for the audience to get the picture of what a world without women is going to look like. 


The biggest challenge was to make sure the right communication was portrayed through every post. When you’re dealing with such a large number of participants, errors are bound to happen.


The #BetterWithHer campaign commenced with a pre-buzz post describing how would the world be without women.

Standing against female foeticide the brand then launched the campaign on this women’s day, urging the audience to share their scribbled picture so that the world can #GetThePicture.

To help gain virality and spread the word the brand associated with 5000+ influencers to raise awareness about female foeticide. These influencers/ bloggers posted their scribbled pictures and helped to garner engagement and visibility.

Alongside this, for the entire month of March 2020, with the purchase of every SUGAR Minis’ Set, the brand gave a part of the proceedings towards fighting the societal evil.

Emphasizing on the campaign message further, the brand launched another poll post on Instagram stories asking viewers that why is life #BetterWithHer


The digital activity saw 5600+ posts on Instagram, using #BetterWithHer and reached approx. 7.7K + people.  The campaign trended in the top ten India trends on Twitter and received approx. 933 tweets. These tweets received total impressions of approximately 16.8 million with a reach of over 3.4  million.

Overall, the campaign successfully reached approximately 43+ lac people across social media channels.


Vineeta Singh, CEO SUGAR Cosmetics said, “With this campaign, our aim was to reach out to the audience all over the country and raise awareness about this cause. Apart from the women who took a stand for this cause, SUGAR also saw a fraction of men who organically came forward to show their support. This shows that the campaign was successful in creating awareness and that men too feel for this cause! While we have a long way to go before female foeticide and infanticide can completely be stopped in India, we hope this campaign has helped in a small way.”