COVID-19: An archive of lockdown campaigns from UK

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UK campaigns

The archive features a few of the foremost campaigns from the UK market, the topics and concepts tapped by the brands & agencies during the period of lockdown.

The definition of normal, mental health during the pandemic, virtual affairs, Pride, and the collective spirit of the region were some of the prominent themes observed with campaigns from the UK.

Locked Down and Out, by The Gate for LGBT Foundation, portrayed an instance raising to raise awareness about the increased domestic abuse against the LGBTQIA+ community during the lockdown.

The lockdown also meant canceled events during the Pride month, affecting the prime time for the community to come together and draw attention to the issues they face. Pride In Lockdown, created by Anomaly for Pride In London shows how the community is using social networks to continue their march, and shares empowering messages.

Creature Discomforts: Life in Lockdown, created by the agency Engine Group and the production house Aardman Animations drew parallels between humans in isolation and animals put in isolation by humans.

How Normal Was Normal? by Extinction Rebellion (UK), a global environmental movement to compel government action to avoid tipping points in the climate system, used sound & video with contrasting elements to portray actually how normal was normal.

Durex UK apprised us about the count of people affected by sexually transmitted diseases, and with a campaign created by Havas UK, they state 'Let's Not Go Back to Normal'.

With advertising being one of the severely affected industries, London Advertising, and agency based in the UK started a campaign promoting themselves, used ingenious ways to lure clients in video and static formats.

World’s Biggest Online Fashion Show, created by My Perfect Cousin for Bluebella, a fashion-led lingerie and nightwear brand promoted and zeroed in on the brand's efforts to host a fashion show with two hundred models from all over the world filming themselves walking down the #VirtualRunway.

The Call, created by Uncommon for ITV brought in notable personalities from the British pop culture such as Gordon Ramsay and many more to encourage connecting with the loved ones and checking up on their mental health during the distressing times.

No Mask For Mental Health, by Havas UK for Laura Hyde Foundation highlighted the towering mental distress faced by frontline health workers while treating patients affected by COVID-19.

In another video initiating a fundraiser to support them, the caregivers shared instances such as working for more than 12 hours at stretch, assisting patients with video calls with their loved ones during their final moments, and more experiences that traumatize their mental health.

Logging in the archives.

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No Mask For Mental Health - Laura Hyde Foundation

We All Need Help Some Times

Locked Down And Out - LGBT Foundation

How Normal Was Normal? - Extinction Rebellion UK

Creature Discomforts: Life in Lockdown - Born Free Foundation

Let It Out! - Inspired by Iceland

One Big Beautiful Home - Zoflora

London Advertising - London Advertising

Time To Connect - Bumble UK

The Call - ITV

Let's Not Go Back To Normal - Durex UK

Pride In Lockdown - Pride In London

The World's Biggest Online Fashion Show - Bluebella

Stay Singing, Stay Dancing, Stay Connected - Virgin Media

Small Acts Of Care Make A Big Difference - Nivea UK

#DrumFromHome - Argos

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