COVID-19: A trip through USA lockdown campaigns

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US campaigns

In this excursion, we explore the themes and prominent brands in USA that weave the life in lockdown and the pandemic in their campaigns.

Working from home, leisure in lockdown, raising awareness about masks and xenophobia are few significant subjects touched by USA lockdown campaigns.

'Fight the Virus. Fight the Bias.' by Ad Council, addresses the growing problem of xenophobia in the country and aims to sensitize the citizens of the country.

Cases of 'Asian-looking' people being bullied and harassed have been on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic, particularly in the States and more parts of the world too.

The 'Behind The Mac' series by Apple features and collaborates with several creative personalities, Tyler Mitchell, a Photographer, and James Blake, a Music Artist.

Remote cameras were set up in their homes that record the creative process of a cover photoshoot, or the making of a song using Apple products.

Meet The Social Distance Squad, created by FCB Health, to support an initiative by CF Advocacy Organizations, introduces us to people affected by CF, who have been taking the preventive measures we are taking now all their life.

The organizations have set up a website, and post YouTube videos, with tips to stay put.

Lakeland Volunteers In Medicine and The Chimney Group encourage viewers to wear a mask. Not wearing a mask has been an eminent issue that is hindering the cease to the outbreak, these entities raise awareness in their own creative ways.

Never Too Far Down by Nike intends to boost the human spirit through iconic examples in the history of sports.

More brands play the part.

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Fight the Virus. Fight the Bias. - Ad Council

Bacardi USA - Roommates

Behind The Mac ft. James Blake

#RespectTheDistance - NYC Footy

Wear A Mask NY - The Chimney Group

The Whole Working From Home Thing - Apple

Meet The Social Distance Squad - A Coalition Of CF Advocacy Organizations

Help Is Part Of It - Frontline Workers Counseling Project

Patient Safety - Yale New Haven Hospital

#MaskUpLKLD - Lakeland Volunteers In Medicine

Stay Home of the Whopper - Burger King

Never Too Far Down - Nike

If we have missed out on any of your favorite campaigns from the US, write to us at or let us know in the comments below.

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