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AR Festive Marketing

The playbook gives an understanding of how creative AR festive marketing branded solutions can help brands stand out from the clutter.

A year full of twists and turns, 2020 has been unprecedented on every front. As consumers & businesses both evolved to survive the pandemic, the industry is now inching back towards normalcy, albeit it is the New Normal that requires New Solutions. 

With festive season just around the corner, it is the perfect timing for brands to connect with their consumers conveying the joy and excitement they proffer. But how does one stand out of the clutter of campaigns & ads that flood the mediums? The answer lies in creating an experience and not a campaign. 

Augmented reality or AR offer seamless possibilities on this front. Be it an interactive Instagram Filter that lets you try on a lipstick shade through the camera in your phone or control a car in a fun game with your head movement - AR has cool & functional uses that appeal to all demographics alike. According to statistics, by 2022, 25% of the world’s population will be AR users. Further, there will be about 1.96 billion mobile AR users by 2021 and 2.4 billion users by 2023. This paints a picture about why brands need to jump the AR bandwagon & why they need to do it now! 

AR isn’t a trend of the future anymore. It is a reality that offers endless opportunities. AliveNow, a digital & creative tech agency enables brands to create such AR experiences, bringing alive the story instead of merely narrating it. 

As consumers are confined to their homes, experiencing festivals through screens, AR makes for a great marketing tactic. For instance, wouldn’t it be fun if a user could indulge in a game of gobbling up their favourite laddoos virtually or burst crackers with a touch of their finger on their screens? AR offers many creative possibilities. 

Branded AR experiences help brands add quirky and enjoyable experiences through a user’s front or back camera,  where they could use gestures such as blink of the eye, swish of the hand or a smile to be a part of the initiative. Media reports state that 9 out 10 brands plan to use AR in their marketing efforts and this includes global names such as Netflix, IKEA, and CocaCola. 

An official partner of Spark AR in India, AliveNow offers brands creative solutions such as Instagram AR Filters, Facebook AR Filters, Web AR Experiences, Facebook Playable Ads, Swipe Up Games, Interactive Views, NewsFeed SmartApps, Snapchat AR Lenses, WhatsApp Sticker Packs, Messenger Chatbots, and more. 

AR for marketing in itself has various benefits such as no need to download an additional app or immersive experiences that help create gesture based marketing. AliveNow packages such elements in one campaign. The agency has worked with many brands, including Tropicana, Netflix, Cadbury, Reebok and Maybelline.. 

Download the playbook to understand how AR can help your brand create maximum engagement by integrating it at various stages of the marketing funnel:

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