AdSpot: WhatsApp, Nykaa Fashion, VISA and more

This week's edition of Social Samosa's AdSpot features campaigns that struck a chord from KFC's 'Believe in Chicken' to VISA's 'Prodigies'. Here's a look at them all.

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Amidst the constant stream of advertisements and brand campaigns released every week, a select few manage to truly grab our attention with their impactful messages or storytelling approaches. Social Samosa's AdSpot collects and showcases these standout ad campaigns, providing a comprehensive overview of the latest additions to the advertising landscape each week. This curated collection not only highlights the creativity and effectiveness of these ads but also showcases the memorable impact they made on their audiences. 

This edition of AdSpot features campaigns from various brands including WhatsApp's 'Modern Family' Campaign, Nykaa Fashion's ad featuring Masoom Minawala, Kusha Kapila & Jhanvi Kapoor to KFC's 'Believe in Chicken' advertisement and VISA's 'Prodigies' campaign. 


In this hilarious WhatsApp ad, the Modern Family cast sits in the familiar Dunphy living room, cracking up over a photo Haley shared in their group chat. However, the mood shifts to awkward silence when Mitchell walks in, revealing he's not part of the chat. Claire explains it's because of his phone’s blurry images — indicating his use of an Android device, unlike the rest of the family’s iPhones. The campaign humorously highlights WhatsApp's ease of use across any phone, perfect for everyone, except maybe Mitchell.

In the second WhatsApp ad, the cast is seen tackling connectivity issues with their kids when a delivery lady suggests using WhatsApp for its device compatibility and privacy features. Now, the entire family joins the group chat - hopefully, even Mitchell, demonstrating how WhatsApp effortlessly connects everyone, regardless of their device. 

Nykaa Fashion


Nykaa Fashion's ad captures Janhvi Kapoor, Kusha Kapila along with Masoom Minawala admiring stylish outfits, portraying Nykaa Fashion as the ultimate destination for clothes. The ad campaign highlights the brand's ability to make individuals feel confident and fashionable thereby resonating with consumers' desire to stand out in any situation. The campaign also showcases Nykaa Fashion's influencer-approved styles along with inspiring stories of styling with ease.


The KFC campaign, 'Believe in Chicken,' addresses the growing unpredictability and mistrust in the world by highlighting KFC's reliability and commitment to serving consistently good chicken. Moving further, the ad campaign showcases the chaotic and misleading aspects of modern life, emphasizing chicken as something reliable and trustworthy amidst uncertainty. The campaign aims to bring joy and build trust with consumers, tapping into the current climate of uncertainty and using KFC's light-hearted tone to engage audiences.


Visa's brand film, 'Prodigies,' challenges the idea of innate talent by celebrating the dedication and hard work of individuals like Pharrell Williams, Sky Brown, and others who have risen to success through perseverance. The film showcases their humble beginnings, struggles, and eventual triumphs, emphasizing the message that small steps lead to significant achievements. It aims to inspire viewers with the belief that hard work and determination are the keys to success, echoing Visa's commitment to supporting individuals on their journey to greatness.

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