The LEGO® Brand Days campaign aims at making playing an essential component of everyday life

Showcasing a variety of new releases in 2024, The LEGO® Group aims at making 500+ sets available through this campaign across different platforms such as Hamleys, Amazon, Flipkart, Toycra, FirstCry, and local toy stores.

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The LEGO® Group has brought back its LEGO® Brand Days campaign to make play an essential component of everyday life. This campaign aims to showcase a variety of new product releases in 2024, including 500 sets available across different platforms such as Hamleys, Amazon, Flipkart, Toycra, FirstCry, and local toy stores. 

Through LEGO® Group’s ongoing efforts to diversify its range, the company aims to cater to a wide range of passion points across its audience groups ranging from children to adults. 

In response to which, Bhavana Mandon, Country Manager for LEGO® Group India, added, “Every child (and adult) is unique in their own way with their own set of likes and dislikes through which they express their personality! Some love supercars & vehicles, some love the vastness & thrill of space, some love exploring engineering, motion and physics, some the fantasy worlds of Ninjas, Harry Potter, and Star Wars while others love gaming or role-playing real-life heroes or fashion, princesses and castles. There is no one-size-fits-all! But the versatility of the LEGO® System in PLAY – allows us to unify these passions with a single medium of expression – the humble LEGO® Brick! The LEGO® Brand Days is our attempt to showcase the width of these passions available to children and adults in India!” 

From a diverse range of themes like LEGO® DUPLO, CREATOR 3-IN-1, CITY, FRIENDS, TECHNIC, ICONS and more to collaborative themes like LEGO® STAR WARS, Harry Potter, MARVEL, DC, DISNEY Princess, Minecraft, Jurassic World & MORE, there are now over 25 LEGO® THEMES actively present in India.


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