Opinion: Decoding 'The Archies' genius marketing tactics

Farnaz Fatima of SocialPanga shares insights into what worked for 'The Archies' marketing strategy and how its understanding of Gen Z, brand collaborations and an engaging social media strategy adds to its release on Netflix.

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Farnaz Fatima of SocialPanga

In July 2023, the marketing realm witnessed an unprecedented spectacle with the launch of the Barbie movie, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Fast forward a few months and a new force has emerged on the marketing horizon- 'The Archies’ employing similar brand collaboration and marketing techniques that can only be described as genius strokes. Let's delve into how 'The Archies' is capturing the hearts and minds of audiences through strategic partnerships, nostalgia, and a dash of retro charm.

From the grandiose CGI banner unfurled against the iconic Gateway of India to the strategic cast introduction at the Netflix Tudum Event, 'The Archies' laid the groundwork for a marketing campaign that resonated with modern-day audiences. The movie's ability to create anticipation and excitement wasn't confined to conventional platforms but reverberated across social media platforms, where it seamlessly integrated with the daily discourse of its target audience. This combination of grandiosity and strategy laid the foundation for a marketing campaign that would resonate with audiences on a deep, emotional level.

Drawing inspiration from the success of the Barbie movie, 'The Archies' has partnered with renowned brands like Maybelline, Vistara, Flipkart, Meta, Boat, Starbucks, Skybags and Bombay Sweet Shop, among others. These collaborations go beyond mere endorsements- they are carefully crafted experiences that seamlessly integrate the movie's retro theme into the fabric of these brands.



Maybelline's Archies-inspired ad with the female leads and Vistara's in-flight retro experience weren't just marketing gimmicks; they became social media sensations. Fans, influencers, and the general audience alike took to platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to share their experiences, creating a virtual ripple effect that extended the movie's reach far beyond traditional advertising channels. Such collaborations also enriched the overall consumer experience and piqued their curiosity for the movie even further.



In yet another electrifying collaboration, 'The Archies' teamed up with Boat to launch a limited edition ‘Riverdale Rockers’ speaker. A creative newspaper ad in a comic strip style, featuring Aman Gupta himself with his much-memed ‘Hum bhi bana denge’ line, was published. To add a viral touch to the campaign, the omnipresent social-media darling Orry, Instagram-favourite Uorfi Javed and other influencers featured in short videos showcasing the speaker in action. In doing so, it effectively used an amalgamation of viral moments and social media sensations to further its own marketing agenda.



Venturing into the realm of e-commerce, 'The Archies' partnered with Flipkart's GenZ-specific wing SPOYL. A collection inspired by beloved characters like Archie, Reggie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, Moose, Ethel and Dilton was launched which not only made the movie’s aesthetic accessible to a broader audience but also positioned it as a style influencer, seamlessly integrating its timeless appeal into the contemporary fashion landscape.

'The Archies' is not just content with traditional brand collaborations as is evident with the creation of Archies-themed stickers on WhatsApp, bringing the beloved characters directly into the digital conversations of millions. In doing so, 'The Archies' showcased an adaptability to modern communication channels, recognizing the importance of being where their audience is. This intersection of the physical and virtual worlds showcases the movie's adaptability to different social platforms, staying true to its core target audience- the GenZ. 

Overall, the marketing campaign leveraged the power of user-generated content, with people capturing and sharing images and videos of the distinctive vehicle across social media platforms. The skate-shaped cab that was seen on Mumbai's streets wasn't just a mobile billboard. It was a shareable moment. This interactive approach transformed the marketing strategy into a participatory experience, creating a buzz that echoed in the digital realm. They also injected a dose of retro fun into the cricketing world, making a special appearance on the Star Sports ‘Cricket Live’ pre-show during the World Cup Finals, showing their support for Team India. The cast also joined cricket legends Irfan Pathan and Harbhajan Singh for a lively game of gully cricket. 

While the strategic collaborations catered to diverse consumer interests, 'The Archies' ensured that these partnerships weren't just about product placement. Instead, they became immersive experiences that audiences willingly embraced and shared across social media platforms. The limited edition 'Riverdale Rockers' speaker, the character-inspired Starbucks coffee line, and Flipkart’s SPOYL merchandise collection all became conversation starters in the digital space.

What worked

Understanding the Target Group

'The Archies' brilliant marketing strategy isn't just about modern techniques; it's deeply rooted in staying true to its retro theme and catering to its core target audience. The movie's commitment to nostalgia goes beyond a mere aesthetic choice; it's a carefully crafted journey into the hearts of fans who grew up with the iconic Archies comics or are drawn to retro nostalgia. By infusing this nostalgic charm into every brand collaboration, the movie reinforces its unique world in the collective imagination of the audience. This strategy is particularly effective in targeting Gen Z, who are, in particular, drawn to the allure of old-world charm. 

Making Every Moment Shareable

Furthermore, what makes 'The Archies' marketing brilliant is their ability to transform every marketing touchpoint into a shareable moment, a digital experience, and a conversation starter. They also ensured that they were present on each platform that their audience would be, making effective use of cross-channel integrated campaigns. 

Effective use of social media

Their Instagram page is a hub of engagement, introducing popular challenges like the milkshake challenge and the strategic use of countdowns to build excitement and anticipation, turning the wait for the movie's release into a shared experience. Additionally, the cast's discussion of their Spotify Wrapped was an interactive initiative to keep the audience actively involved. All of these turned 'The Archies' social media presence into a vibrant space where fans contribute to the ongoing narrative, making the movie more than just an entertainment event but a shared digital experience.

Strategic Brand Collaborations

'The Archies' have strategically chosen brand collaborations that align with the preferences of their core audience, primarily Gen Z. They didn’t just market a movie; they curated an experience that resonated with the sensibilities of their core audience. By choosing partnerships that resonate with Gen Z's values and preferences, the brand collaborations became integral chapters in the story of 'The Archies.'


The strategic use of brand collaborations, the infusion of retro nostalgia, and the clever integration of the physical and virtual worlds showcase a level of marketing mastery that is truly commendable. In essence, 'The Archies' have not just embraced the digital age; they have become trailblazers in modern marketing and social media dynamics. By integrating seamlessly into online conversations, creating shareable moments, and employing a multi-faceted approach to fan engagement, 'The Archies' have set a new standard for how movies can leverage the power of the internet to build a loyal and enthusiastic audience.  The movie's release on December 7th on Netflix is anticipated to be a culmination of these masterful marketing strategies, ensuring that its tonality and world-building have already etched themselves into the minds of eager audiences. As the curtains rise, 'The Archies' stand not just as a cinematic experience but as a testament to marketing mastery that transcends the silver screen.

This article is penned by Farnaz Fatima, Senior Copywriter, SocialPanga.

Disclaimer: The article features the opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the stance of the publication.


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