82°E's CMO Keerthana Ramakrishnan moves on

Prior to her role at 82°E, she served as Chief Marketing Officer at Nike India, founded Aditi Consulting Services, and served as an Associate Director at IPAN.

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Keerthana Ramakrishnan

Keerthana Ramakrishnan has moved on from her role as Chief Marketing Officer at 82°E, signalling her departure from the role to pursue new opportunities or challenges.

Announcing her departure in a LinkedIn post, Ramakrishnan said, "From assembling a stellar team to bringing our brand story to life, my time at 82°E has been filled with growth, learning, and memorable experiences. I am immensely proud of our achievements and deeply grateful for the amazing colleagues and external partners who made it all possible. As I bid farewell to 82°E, I am confident that Deepika, our team, and the brand will continue to scale greater heights."

Prior to her role at 82°E, Ramakrishnan served as Chief Marketing Officer at Nike India. She also founded Aditi Consulting Services, where she managed PR campaigns for brands like Levi Strauss and Astra Zeneca, and served as Associate Director at IPAN, handling clients such as Ford and Cisco.

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