Aditya Mehendale moves on from Schbang

Aditya Mehendale joined Schbang in 2016 as a Creative Strategist, eventually becoming the National Creative Director. His future plans are currently unknown.

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Aditya Mehendale

Aditya Mehendale, the former National Creative Director (NCD) of Schbang, has announced his departure from the agency.

In a LinkedIn post, Mehendale bid farewell to the company he has been an integral part of. He expressed his gratitude and shared his reflections on his journey at Schbang, highlighting the creative milestones and collaborative successes he experienced during his tenure.

The post read, "I recently closed the book on what will always be a significant chapter of my work life. It's hard to say goodbye to a place that has made you."

"Thank you for being the fraternity that let a scrawny boy discover that this thing could be his thing. Thank you for being patient enough to let me finish without counting my grey hair. Thank you for taking that chance which could have cost you everything and me nothing. Thank you for teaching me that ours is the business of heartbreaks and a thick skin is just as critical as a moisturised one. Thank you for always setting high standards and inspiring me to toss my 23rd draft. Thank you for letting your crazy catch in a way that will never rub off. Thank you for showing me that the best "advertising" ideas shine brightly only when they reveal themselves as "human" ideas. And thank you for letting me take a part of you to the next adventure," he added. 

Aditya Mehendale joined Schbang in 2016 as a Creative Strategist and became National Creative Director. 

Before joining Schbang, Mehendale was a part of Kindness Unlimited. His LinkedIn post did not specify his future plans.

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