Pearson India appoints IAM Group to lead strategic marketing

Through this collaboration, IAM Group of Companies will apply its marketing expertise to enhance Pearson India's educational offerings, crafting engaging campaigns and content for educators and learners.

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Pearson India

IAM group of companies has been appointed by Pearson India to lead its strategic marketing initiatives in higher education, bringing together Pearson's educational offerings with IAM's expertise in data-driven marketing strategies and innovative solutions.

Through this collaboration, IAM Group of Companies will apply their full marketing capabilities to Pearson India's educational offerings. This includes crafting engaging digital campaigns, impactful social media strategies, and compelling content that resonates with both educators and learners. Additionally, this association aims to foster deeper connections with educators and learners across India through 360-degree marketing initiatives.

"We are excited to be working with Pearson India," said Aditya Uppal, COO at IAM Group of Companies. "Their commitment to high-quality education aligns perfectly with our values. We look forward to developing impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with educators and learners alike."  

Vinay Kumar Swamy, Country Head of Pearson India said “We are thrilled to partner with IAM Group to drive our marketing initiatives for our higher education business in India. The higher education sector is experiencing significant growth, driven by digitalisation and internationalisation, and is increasingly focused on providing quality education for learners and educators. Collaborating with IAM Group allows us to effectively reach academia and learners with our offerings and support initiative.” 

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