Instagram updates: Users can share feed posts with only close friends

Instagram updates its 'Close Friends' feature wherein users will now be able to share feed posts with select friends to make their feeds more personal and curated.

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Instagram has been working on a feature that lets users share their posts with only ‘Close Friends’. With this, the platform might be trying to encourage private sharing among users.

'Close Friends' was first introduced in 2018 as the platform gave users the option of sharing their stories with a private list of friends. Now, with the extension of the feature, it will help users to have a feed that is curated just for them. 

Many users, including ICYMI newsletter’s Lia Haberman, have already noticed this update.



The platform has rolled out this new feature to test in a few unnamed countries as of now. Instagram seems to focus on making the app more personal and simplifying communication on the platform. Last year it introduced ‘Notes’ which were text updates to send to select followers.


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