Threads hits the 175 million user mark on its one-year anniversary

Setting a record of 100 million profiles within days of its launch with 100 million active users within three months, Threads leveraged Instagram to build its own audience, now appearing to have an independent presence.

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Meta has confirmed that Threads has grown to 175 million users, marking its first 12 months. 

Introduced as an alternative to Elon Musk's X in July 2023, the initial surge led Threads to set a record for the fastest account sign-ups, reaching 100 million profiles within days of its launch. Following this, it achieved 100 million active users just three months later. By February of this year, seven months post-launch, the platform had grown to 130 million users, and by April, it reached 150 million.

While there are both positive and negative indicators in its first year of performance, Meta has laid out the groundwork for Threads to develop into something more substantial. This development hinges on both its own progress and potential missteps by X.

Threads saw a rapid addition of 7.5 million new active users per month from October 2023 to February this year. However, this rate has since decreased to 5 million new active users per month over the most recent three-month period, marking a 30% decline in growth rate. While Threads continues to grow, it's not attracting users at the same pace as before.

On the other hand, X has not experienced any growth in daily active users for nearly two years. The fact that Threads is still adding 5 million new users per month is significant. At this rate, Threads could potentially surpass X in active users by October next year, assuming X does not attract any new users. 

Musk’s initial layoffs triggered the first exodus from X among the tech community, which has since become highly active on Threads. Moreover, left-leaning political commentators and entertainment figures have also abandoned X for Threads. Meta is banking on a more positivity-focused approach to winning in the long run.

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