Brands get musical this World Music Day

Brands celebrate World Music Day this June 21 with musical creatives and campaigns to engage with their fans. Here's a look at a few we came across.

Hiya Rupreja
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World Music Day

World Music Day, celebrated on June 21 annually, is a global tribute to celebrate the impact of music in our lives. Brands leverage this love for music to connect with their audiences on a deeper level by creating memes, campaigns and creatives.

While Netflix India made a ' Bollywood playlist' including songs from Netflix's Heeramandi to some of Shahrukh Khan's classics, Uber India asked us to take a long road trip by saying, "Aaj ka trip thoda lamba hone wala hai", subtly promoting its services.

Whereas Federal Bank's Corporate Anthem, based on the iconic Musical Logo (MOGO) by BrandMusiq, reflects the Bank's fundamental principles and beliefs. "Sacha Hai Dil ka ye Rishta..." is a sincere tribute to the long-lasting connections the Bank has with its customers, employees, stakeholders, and within its own community. 

Here's a look at a few other brand campaigns and creatives that we came across: 

Federal Bank




Swiggy Instamart


YouTube India


Netflix India


Spotify India 


Uber India




Jio Saavn 

Did you come across any interesting brand campaigns or creatives celebrating World Music Day that we missed out on? If yes, then share it with us at or post it in the comments section below. 

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