Report: Social Media State of Indian Ecommerce Brands

E-commerce brands on Social Media are largely seen to be product-oriented. Their strategy has been to drive sales through various content buckets and activities. It throws light on the analysis of the top brands in India and their strategies in terms of content, customer service, engagement and campaign-led interactions. Download here

Report: Social quotient of e-commerce brands in 2012

This report is based on the social interaction data of around 100 ecommerce Indian brands that garnered about 1.5 million mentions from September to December 2012, as mapped by BoxMyTalk, a social monitoring and analytics platform. Download here

Ebook: Selling Without Spending

The eBook addresses the fundamental principles behind marketing and selling on Social Media. The chapters are designed to address the most popular social networking sites. Each chapter has tips and tricks on ways to connect with the right prospects. In the end, you will find some basic hands-on case studies. Download here

Report: Social Media State of Indian Television Channels

The television industry on social media has embraced the marketing channel a bit late in the day. Though the social media success of the channels is directly proportional to the TAM ratings, most of them have a similar strategy. This report reviews the state of top 5 Indian GEC channels across all major social media platforms. Download here

Social Media Handbook: From Amateur to Pro

In this Ebook, the author will take you through all the ways social media can help your brand. It is a handbook where you will learn how to plan your social media approach, leverage creative properties, create campaigns, optimize content, paid outreach and measure the ROI. Download here