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A lot of us were totally swept away by the introduction of Facebook Timeline at the Facebook F8 conference in September. A completely amazing redesign of the Facebook's user profile page, it lets us showcase the Timeline of our life on Facebook.   Besides just updating information and interests, this feature allowed people to showcase their life right from birth till date,  in a theatrical fashion, creating a story of their lives.

Those who still don't know about the Timeline, (which is highly unlikely), can get some insights by watching this video.

So, just yesterday at work, one of my colleagues was asking me on how to go about activating the Facebook Timeline.   Since I didn't quite remember the steps to it, I looked up an old article on Techcrunch where one had to create an app and do a couple of things via the developer mode.

By now, most of the folks we know in the industry have already read that article and cracked the Timeline for ourselves. Well, at least most of us geeks have!  ;)

Nonetheless, Facebook finally launched the Timeline for everyone and now, after gradual roll-outs and testing for months, we don't have to hack or wrack our brains too much - it's easily available to all users now.

How to get the Timeline?

 It's simple... Just click here & sign up.

Once you sign up / get Timeline, you will have seven days to check and see if everything looks okay and figure out a way to make  sure whatever you want others to see is actually what the others get to see.  You can even choose how your Timeline appears to some of your select friends and how it looks for others.  Do note- you have until December 25th to do the edits you want to do.  On December 25th,  everyone's  Timeline will be published by default.   It's also available for mobile web and Android.

In fact it will also show how many of your friends have signed up for the Facebook Timeline.

For those who already have the Timeline, I guess it's about time you stopped worrying,  answering or showing your friends 'How you got the Timeline?'

As for the others - well, enjoy the 'new'  Timeline feature.   Hope you find it exciting. :)

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