What, Why and How of Facebook Welcome Tab

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What is  ‘Facebook Welcome Tab’?

What is the most important factor for advertising a brand through Social Media?  One of the top answers to that question is probably ‘Direct interaction between the brand and its fans’.  A Facebook  fan-page has become a brand’s online embodiment these days, through which the fans and consumers of the brand’s product can communicate directly with the brand.

Like with offline communication, online communication also involves greetings forming first impressions, which then influence all further interactions . In other words, it is all about the “welcome”. A brand greeting their fans on Facebook has now started imitating the way one meets someone new in person.  In the early days of fan pages on Facebook, the users would accidentally come across a page and its activity, and decide to LIKE the page if they liked what they saw.  Now, Facebook  fan pages have evolved to where the fans’ interest is captured the  first time they see the page by using  ‘Welcome Tabs’, thereby effectively increasing the speed with which the initial LIKES come.

Why you should have one?

  • An ideal ‘Customized Welcome Tab‘ is a snapshot of an image representing the brand, appropriately  captioned in a way that summarizes to the viewer  what the brand is all about and why the fan should be a part of the brand and visually directing/prompting/tempting the fan to click the LIKE button.
  • Apart from tempting fans to LIKE the page, the Welcome Tab can also be used as a tool to highlight any new contest, promotion or new product launch that is currently being undertaken by the brand. This enables even the newcomers to get an instant idea of what’s new with the brand and is likely to fetch even more LIKES.
  • You can also  have a ‘Call-To-Action’ which is usually a small piece of text giving people yet more convincing reasons  to LIKE the page.

How to make your tab extremely creative?

Experiment!! Imagine a blank canvas, and make your creatives using photoshop, text and photo editors, and insert videos and clickable links.  Make your Welcome Tab as welcoming as you possibly can. Remember, it’s the first impression that counts the most.

– S(aad) ME(rchant)

Shown below are some examples of Welcome Tabs on Facebook which are doing really well:


 Facebook Welcome Tab

MTV Do The Cornholios




Facebook Welcome Tab
McDonald's - Get Local



Facebook Welcome Tab
Subway - High School Heroes




Facebook Welcome Tab
Pepsi - Refresh Yourself

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Featured Pic Courtesy:  GOIABA (Goiabarea)