4 Tips to Create Winning Facebook Advertisement Campaigns

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4 Tips to Create Winning Facebook Advertisement Campaigns

It is a challenge for social media marketers to create winning advertising campaigns on Facebook. To achieve the desired results within deadlines is not an easy task and then there are budget constraints to deal with. In this post,  you will find some tips to optimize your ad campaigns on Facebook to increase the fan base on various Facebook pages you handle. Hope these tips help you in your campaigns!

#1. Define Target and Budget

Define your targets like how many fans you want in a month, a quarter or a year and set up an overall budget for the campaign. Then, divide the targets and the budget into per-day segments to ensure clarity and trackability of your progress. Measurement of ads performance is must on a daily basis to maintain control at all times.

#2. Do A/B Split Testing

Facebook advertisements  have 3 elements: Image, Title & Body. Therefore, it becomes very important to do split testing to create a winning Ad campaign on Facebook. Image carries the greatest weight out of these three, next comes title and at last the body. Choose different images (110 pixels wide x 80 pixels) which are relevant and attractive, the title can’t be changed if the ads are for page likes (it can be changed if you are advertising any external property) and the body should have at least few numbers (like 20% discount) & “Like Us Now!” stated at the end.

Then you can launch different campaigns with multiple ads (at least 2 campaigns to start with). You should have around 10 ads per campaign with different combinations of Image, Title & Body.

Here are few examples of Ads which are highly relevant to the respective Facebook pages:

Example (a)


This Ad is targeting hotel marketers who are looking for online marketing solutions. It uses an excellent image of a waiter with cans descripting major social networks, thus driving the point home. Also, it uses a very nice creative in the body, as well as a number (600 top hotels) and emphasizes on “Like Us!” thus prompting the viewers to like the page.

Example (b)


This Ad is targeting people who are looking for Ayurvedic remedies. It uses a highly relevant image depicting natural herbs & Amla which form the basis of Ayurveda and a well-crafted creative in the body by insisting on the benefits which fans will get on joining the page and ending it with “Like Us Now!” to further emphasize the point.

#3. Optimization

The campaigns once launched have to be optimized on a daily basis and if possible, multiple times in a day. This includes pausing the non-performing ads or pausing the ads during a non-active period (like for example in the night) , increasing/decreasing the bid amount (in case of a high performing ad, decrease the bid slightly and in case of a low performing ad, increase the bid slightly). This has to be done on an ongoing basis, otherwise there is every chance of an ad decay.

#4. Wall Posts

One of the most critical factors, which is often ignored, is the relevancy, regularity & timing of the wall posts. Say, if you activate your ads at 10am in the morning, and you do the wall post at the same time, there will be a high possibility of the ads getting lot of fans & activity on your wall too. If you are not doing wall posts regularly and even if you are doing the posts but the ads are not relevant to the page content, there is every chance that the new users who have reached your page via ads will not like it.

What have been your experiences in running Facebook advertisement campaigns? I am looking forward to more ideas & methods which can create  winning campaigns. Please share your ideas in the comment box below.

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