Pinterest for Business - Quick Overview

Dhiraj Salian
Mar 02, 2012 05:04 IST
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Pinterest for Business - Quick Overview

Pinterest : What is it? How can we use Pinterest for business? How can it be a powerful online marketing tool for social media junkies, brands and marketers? Well...relax! It quite resembles to the pinboards in our offices, only difference being its more interesting or rather pinteresting. Pinterest's idea is to connect everyone in the world through the things that they find interesting. Simply put, it is a social bookmarking system.

By the latest trends, many e-commerce companies have been the biggest benefactors of this innovation, some reporting up to 400% increase in sales. It also stormed through the billboard charts of social networking websites, making to the top 10 social networks in December 2011. Not only that, the next month it drove more referral traffic to websites than LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ combined. Hands down it was named as the best start up of the year by TechCrunch!

Here is a quick summary on Pinterest. Happy Pinning Fellas!!

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