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Social media Case Study

Brief on Gyaan Exchange:

Gyaanexchange is an online community where anybody with a skill or knowledge can teach and anyone with a desire to learn something can learn.

Gyaanexchange enables you to learn things, which you cannot or could not learn in school, college or university. Gyaanexchange also enables people with a skill, talent or hobby to share their knowledge and teach it to others.


To promote the online platform – by engaging users all over the country who have a desire to learn and few others who wish to teach to the mass, using this platform, carefully integrating both online and offline activities.

Solution/ Campaign Plan:

The online community just recently made an appearance on popular social media platforms. What better way to create buzz online than by promoting direct engagement with target audience in offline events on social media platforms like Facebook and twitter.

We did social media integration of “Game of Gyaan” at the Madma fest at Xaviers College, Mumbai.

Concept Game of Gyaan:

At such fests, we conventionally come across stalls showcasing interesting things for purchase. We tried to do something different and kickass keeping the strategy in mind to engage well with the audience present at the venue.

We got the audience to play the “Game of Gyaan” at the venue.

Game of Gyaan is a board game designed basically with a set of general knowledge questions related to movies, latest technology, music, etc. It’s a two participant’s game wherein each participant starts opposite to the other (on other side of the board) and the finish point is at the middle of the board for both the participants. The participant who answers a question right gets an opportunity to take a step ahead and also can block the opponent’s way and the one who can make his way through to the finish point first is declared the winner.

We organized 3 rounds of 10 questions each on the first day of the Madma Fest. We gave away gift vouchers from Crossword and also the prestigious title of “Master Gyaani” to all the winners. This interesting interactive game was very well executed at the venue which made it a successful on ground activity.

What made this whole event stand out and in great ways benefit the brand was the Online Integration.

We actively promoted the happenings at the event on social media platforms like Facebook and twitter.

Here are a few highlights on the successful online promotions:

  • We reached out to more than 10,000 people
  • Got more than 100 mentions in a day
  • We also trended in Mumbai – the hashtag “#gameofgyaan” was used in all the tweets that went up on the day of event. Each question asked to the participants at the event was tweeted using the hashtag and we got amazing interactions and answers from the followers on the portal. People actively participated on twitter for the #gameofgyaan contest.
  • As a result 50+ quality followers added just in a span of hours.


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