Social Media Case Study: Maybelline BB Cream

Social Media Agency

Agency Name:


Brand Name:

Maybelline’s BB Cream


Launch India’s 1st BB Cream by Maybelline – a new category altogether in a fun, interesting and memorable manner.

Launch the product ‘differently’.

In Month 1 of the launch, Digital would be the ONLY media and hence launch it in a manner that generates sales.

Solution/Campaign Plan:

Solution 1 – Create the WTF Movement by getting men to talk about the problem and giving them a platform to vent out the fact that Women Take Forever
Solution 2 – Build buzz and momentum. Get recognizable faces to support the movement and leverage online and offline PR
Solution 3 – Highlight to Women that they need to fight back by introducing them to WTF
Solution 4 – Give them a cheeky solution to fight WTF. Something equally provocative. Something equally eye catching. Men say WTF. Women go NUDE.
Solution 5 – Reveal Nude to be the Nude look by Maybelline’s BB Cream – a little secret known only by Women.
Solution 6 – Get women bloggers, influencers, magazine editors, and consumers to try and advocate the BB Cream

Return on Investment:

1 Months – Over 100,000 New Fans for Maybelline
15 Days – Over 38,000 Men Join WTF
Over 6 Million Impressions on Twitter for WTF
1 Global Trend #beforewomengetready 1 National Trend #womentakeforeverbecause
Unique Reach of Digital Campaign – 6 Million People
Unique Reach of PR – 4 Million People
Cummulative Reach of Campaign – 8 Million People
75,000 Units of BB Cream sold in 1 month (promoted ONLY via Digital) – This is a record for Maybelline as its the highest amount of units sold for any product in its portfolio
Girls don’t need to ‘wait’ for the perfect skincare product anymore ;)

Team Members:

Harshil Karia – Account Lead
Pratik Gupta – Creative Lead
Swapna Nair – Account Lead
Sagar Gite – Design Lead
Jennifer Bharucha – Social Media and Online PR Lead
Neville Bharucha – Copywriter & Creative in Charge – WTF