Social Media Case Study – Celio

Social media Case Study

Agency Name:

Social Seety

Brand Name:

Celio India


Founded in 1985 by Marc and Laurent Grosman, Celio * has become in 25 years the international brand of ready-must-to-wear.

Celio * Today is:
• 1000 stores across 70 countries (including 500 in France)
• 2 signs celio * & * celio CLUB ,
• 4 collections per year with 800 products by collection,
• 35 million units sold each year
Celio is a powerful brand dedicated to men, has about 78 stores in India. One addition to the number of stores in India is the store that launched at Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai.

The Case:

The social media team was approached for the purpose of store launch. This brand new store launching at one of the premium locations in the city should be well publicized so people know about the store closest to them or even tend to visit the store when they happen to be at the location some day.

The objective was to create buzz about the store launch on suitable social media platforms which can drive people to the store, make them check out the latest collection and maybe even buy the ones they love.

What was done?

Purpose was to use all the suitable social media platforms to create buzz about the store launch. There arose an idea “LIVE LIFE THE CELIO WAY”

Thought behind the idea – “It’s all about Living it BIG, living it in Style.. Living it the Celio* Way.”

Accordingly, a unique identity was given to the brand based on the idea. A phase wise strategy was made for the purpose of store launch,

Phase 1: Celio coupon activity

Phase 2: Live Life the Celio Way Contest

Phase 3: Launch Buzz, Conceptualizing in Store Social Media Integration and Live Social Media Coverage at the Launch event.

The coupon activity, on Facebook had question to the fans “Where do you think the next store is launching in Mumbai?” with three options. The ones who got the right answer could get a coupon with a code.  Coupons worth of Rs 500 each were given away, fans could take a printout of their coupon and at specific stores could redeem their coupon. This activity not only created buzz about where the store was being launched but also,the coupons created a sense of gratification in the fans.

Then came the Live Life the Celio Way contest wherein fans were asked to upload their pictures on the Facebook tab, and the picture with most “likes” would be the Winner and would get an opportunity to be treated like a celebrity for an entire evening and also get an chance to meet Riteish Deshmukh – the celebrity guest at the store launch event.

The platforms used for the store launch were – Facebook, Twitter, and e-mailers sent out to the database of fans who were active participants during the coupon activity.

Regular updates about the store launch, activities and contests made the launch event a successful one on the social media front. Great responses were received on Facebook tabs and Twitter.

Live tweeting during the store launch and sharing of photographs created lot more buzz to the social media platforms.

The Result:

The coupon activity, Live Life the Celio way contest and also the live social media coverage during the event gave a lot of exposure to the brand and added to the brand awareness.

The celebrity Miss Malini tweeted and created a viral PR loop about the event.

All this resulted in a definite increase in numbers of fan base and followers on Twitter.