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Social Media Case Study - Chi Kitchen


"Spreading Chi"


Pan Asian restaurant chain based in New Delhi called Chi Kitchen


Brandlogist Communications Consultancy


With a market this crowded with hoards of other restaurants having similar value propositions at highly competitive prices, how did we drive brand awareness & subsequent business?

The brand being localized in nature our targetting needs to be very effective to cause business impact.


By #spreadingchi :) ,ie spreading happiness. The basic idea behind the campaign was to actually make people happy instead of just having it as part of our tagline or a cute vision/positioning statement.


We searched for tweets with specific keywords like "angry", "bored", "sad" and "hungry".

Once we found these tweets and these people, we replied to their ;distressed' tweets with funny quotes, pictures, videos or whatever it would take to bring a smile to their faces.

Once we had the conversations going, we understood what they liked from our menu options (thus making them aware of the brand in detail) & giving the same specific items on huge discounts from 30%-80%.In certain cases we gave them discounts on the whole food bill.


Needless to say most of those who we had spoken to were pleasantly surprised & 96% of them responded back with positive happy tweets steadily converging into final business for us apart from great brand awareness.

Takeaway from Our Perspective:

In a day and age where the biggest of brands are talking about happiness,we believe making your customers happy needs to go beyond a cute tagline or a fancy ad but in actually understanding what they need & delightfully surprising them.

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