Facebook's File Sharing For Groups [Latest Update]

Srinivas Kulkarni
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Facebook's File Sharing For Groups, Facebook Logo

With cloud computing being the future of technology, why should Facebook not be part of it?

Off late we've seen numerous companies get into the cloud storage game and file sharing online has become a fad altogether. Besides that, Facebook is rolling out new features often. We saw the timeline coming in, the trending articles, the Facebook App Center and all of this helping it turn into a massive and better platform. And the timing couldn't just be perfect! (read IPO). Facebook acquired back in 2010. The acquisition result is now out,  All groups will now be getting file sharing capability. More than 380 million people use Facebook Groups. Sharing files is evidently one of the most common requests from groups users. So what better than to be able to do that now.

Facebook's File Sharing For Groups

This update rolls out to a few groups on Thursday, and will be given to others in the following days. Apparently to stop sharing malicious,or inappropriate files, Facebook users can report files similar to the way they do for other content across the site. Whether a group that wants to share such things willingly is yet to be seen.


  • File uploaded limited to 25MB.
  • Facebook Groups for schools which was launched very recently has this feature already but restricted to .edu accounts. This is now this is open to all the groups.
  • Music files and executable files uploads will not be possible.

Wonder how this one will perform with competition from Dropbox, Drive, SkyDrive ? We'll only know with time.

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