The Beauty of Blogging Relationships…

blogging relationships

Having been in the Blogosphere for 2+ years now, I can say that I have met some amazing individuals across the globe through their blogs.

I have never spoken some of these people,
I have never met some of these people,
Some people I knew, but I got to know them better through their blogs,
And Some people I have known for ages; but I see then in a new light just because I follow their blogs.

And as of date the fact is this – I DO HAVE a Blogging Relationship with many BLOGGERS!
It’s hard to define and explain what I mean by a Blogging Relationship.But if you’ve been in the Blogging World long enough – You will know what I mean!

  • With some bloggers it is just on occasional acknowledgement and appreciation of each others work,
  • With some bloggers it is a regular exchange of thoughts, ideas, opinions and beliefs,
  • And with some it is a strong bond of mutual respect and trust – Which transcends the “blogging world” and has blossomed at a more personal level..

In this post, I will list down the Beauty of Blogging Relationships based on my personal experiences…

1) They are completely Voluntary

The BEST part of blogging relationships is that they are completely VOLUNTARY. So, you can choose with whom you want to build and nurture these relationships. You can also keep at bay the one’s that you don’t want to invest in. And also, any time you think you don’t want to further strengthen a relationship, it’s easy to action. In the real world sometimes, you are compelled to build and invest in some relationships simply because you Don’t have a CHOICE!

2) You are in complete control of the intensity and closeness

This is another wonderful aspects of blogging relationships – You can completely control the INTENSITY and CLOSENESS – Based on what and how you articulate through your blogs and blog comments

3) They are based usually based on a genuine Interest / Respect for Someone’s Thoughts – “Mind Level Connections”

This is probably the most UNIQUE and SIGNIFICANT aspect of blogging relationships. In real life, most human relationships usually begin one / more of the following – An “Emotional Connect” with another person (For e.g: You are very fond of someone for reasons unknown to you) OR A “physical appeal” (For e.g.: You like someone’s personal style, smile, eyes, etc.) and you form a bond.
With blogging, the initial reason to form a relationship is usually because you have consistently liked someone’s blogs – which is really a reflection of the individual’s thoughts over a period of time. And hence, blogging relationships are usually based on genuine INTEREST / RESPECT for Someone’s THOUGHTS – So in other words, the foundation of the relationship is a “Mind Level Connection”. Just think about it! This one aspect puts BLOGGING RELATIONSHIPS in a very different league… Of course, these relationships can evolve over a period of time to the “real world” – And hence, you may actually even form an “emotional bond”. But the foundation will always be the “Mind Level Connection” – In relationships, if the foundations are strong, they don’t usually change – They can be strengthened! But are rarely re-built…

4) They naturally evolve with time

As individuals and people, we are all evolving with time – Based on our own life experiences, thoughts, interactions, environments, circumstances, decisions, opinions, etc. And hence, as you evolve – so do your blogging relationships. And the best part is you can nurture, navigate and steer these relationships based on your own personal growth and evolution

In my experience, these are the MOST BEAUTIFUL aspects of BLOGGING RELATIONSHIPS!

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