Twitter’s Email Digest – What it is? How it’ll help? What to make of it?

Twitter Email Digest

Twitter recently announced the “Weekly Email Digest” feature.

By the virtues of this feature, users will get the best of the week’s tweets delivered to their email inboxes every week. This summary will comprise of all relevant tweets from the people you follow as well as links to popular stories that have been shared with the people whom you are connected with on Twitter. Users can easily click any story headline they wish to read  and re-tweet it with their views on the same.

Also, the Twitter’s email digest will  feature the top engaging stories that have been viewed by people whom you are following. This is an interesting feature as it will allow you to have a look at stories put up even by those people whom you do not follow directly. This is because Twitter will show those stories that have a high number of re-tweets and also includes those by people in your network.

Lastly, you can easily add these stories in your preference list by adding them as your favorites. Thus, you will get more stories of that type in your news feed. Moreover, you can even manage your preferences for the stuff you receive in the news digest mail with the help of Notification Settings in your account.

The feature has already been rolled out and am sure many of you must have already started receiving Email Digests sometime back.

My Take:

This feature is something similar to that of LinkedIn’s. Even they send users a weekly update on the latest trending stories as well as one that helps users know the updates of others in their network. However, Twitter has gone a step ahead by adding the new Discover Tab to the User Interface Dashboards which enables people to tell Twitter what kind of stories and tweets they wish to see.

With the changing times, the information highway is becoming more and more congested. Users today are finding themselves overloaded with information. Therefore, it is no surprise that such a tool has been introduced. It not only helps the Twitter users filter the un-needed and spam-like content, but also helps the advertisers target prospects who are more likely to be introduced in their product offerings, thus refining their targeting strategy.

Also, platforms like Twitter & LinkedIn should have introduced this feature long back, since their rival and the biggest Social Media Platform Facebook, started filtering the Newsfeed ages back. In fact, the Discover Button on Twitter, is kind of a replication of the Subscribe button available on Facebook (You can even say it happened vice-versa when you think about it as an imitation of the “Follow” on Twitter). All in all, a much needed development.

Featured Image Courtesy webtreats