Social Media Agency Feature: Antz media

Who are we?

In the year 2007 Antz Media started it’s operations as a web , digital and social media agency. Antz Media Pvt Ltd is now a known brand in the digital space. We took the next leap by starting the Middle East operations by April 2012.

Chief Evangelist

Remakanth Rajagopalan (Founder and MD)

A Graduate in Philosophy and a journalist turned entrepreneur.

The Lieutenants

Sreekumar Ramakrishnan (Director)
Responsible for building business activities for the organization.

Salil Sasidharan (Director)
The Internet geek and mouse potato leading the organization with the emerging technologies.

Jeena Remakanth (Director)
Overlooks the finance matters of the organization like a home maker.

What’s in the name?

We believe in ‘ants’

•The ants worked as a team: We form a team, bringing professionals together.
•The ants trusted one another: We work in groups to ensure quality.
•The ants followed the leader: We follow the group leader while maintaining the democratic values.
•The ants are open: When ideas/resources are discovered ,we inform others, who came along and helped.
•The ants were diligent and focused: The team must keep working, even slowly. Deadlines will give us focus.
•The ants regrouped: We will be open to try new ideas if present ones are not working.
•The ants planned for the future: We always had plans and campaigns very early for our clients.

What we do?

• Online Branding
• Social Media Marketing,
• Facebook Application Development,
• Website Design And SEO,
• Software Development,
• Mobile Application Development

Why we do it?

India standing 4th in the internet race gives more hope for digital marketing, with 90% population awaiting internet connectivity. The alarming sales in smart phones will change the way people interact. Brands are looking at new avenues for reaching customers.

How we evolve?

‘Flexibility of an acrobat’, is the policy we follow in technology. A technology can become obsolete in less than a year and we are always prepared to switch to the latest one.

Social responsibility in social media

Being a responsible Social Media company, we spread the messages of all international days in conjunction with UNO and WHO.
We maintain a FB page for Kerala Tourism with more than 30k fans. It is a self promoted page in public interest. We spread the message of preserving the beauty and virginity of Kerala.

Need of the hour

Social Media is the 5th estate of Democracy. Strict sanctions on social media platforms reminds the emergency period. Law should be implemented to protect freedom of expression through social media. But regulatory system should be there in place to prevent its misuse.

We learned the hard way

There is no shortcut to growth. When it comes to FB page management, fan building through advertisement is definitely a shortcut. Create interactions.

Did we just share that?

Four months back a young celebrity Director posted a bad statement on an upcoming actor-director. Luckily we were following him and saw the post. In a few minutes the post was bombarded with corrective comments from his own fans. We found the situation interesting. Screen shots of his post and comments were taken. In 15 mts time he deleted the post leaving no trace. We maintain a non profitable FB page for Malayalam Movies. The screen shots of his post were posted in the page and it was taken up by the media.

They work with us

Lulu Mall
Oberon Mall
• Hedge Equities
• Equity Intelligence
IATA Agents Association of India
Oberon Food Circle
• Aditya Group
• OrganicBPS

And 130,000+ users from 185+ countries using our FB applications

Complete list

Industry as we foresee

The mountain we see is just the tip of the iceberg. Brands are going to interact with customers like never before. Social Media, smart phones and Augmented Reality will play the key role in facilitating this.

A day without Internet

A day without Internet is like drowning.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes of course, looking for people to brew the team spirit…