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Brand Requirement

The brand targeted the following audience Marketers, Students, Industry experts, Thought leaders within Advertising Industry.

While the TG have their own communities, the brand wished to create digital interest about the event and get them conversant on Social Media platforms.

To encourage participation of those users who couldnt be part of the evento With the growth of Social Media, the advertising community on digital media is growing rapidly. It was important that AdAsia had its firm standing in the digital space


  • AdAsia holds a strong community presence offline. The main objective was :
  • To create strong PR through digital presence and integrate social media to drive PR.
  • To create online awareness of the event and social chatter resulting in good PR.
  • Get Influencers and thought leaders to drive PR for the event and spread the word.
  • Engage & involve the relevant target audience in the whole community experience (Online).
  • Live coverage of AdAsia 2011 across several social media platforms including media engagement and press views.



  • Build a communication platform with insights from industry experts & thought leaders. Use their klout to generate better buzz and PR for the brand.
  • Generate wealth of content relevant to AdAsia’s target audience and give them great insights on the event, even if they couldn’t make it live.
  • Feature updates, photos & daily summary of all the conference happening


  • To engage with young media professionals and B-School students. Generate excitement amongst the youth.
  • Integrate Youtube videos on Facebook so viewers can get happenings from the event as soon as the day is over.
  • Build a platform for viewers to discuss and share their opinions.


  • To engage with the target audience communicating about industry trends/updates and AdAsia 2011 news
  • Post Live Updates of the happenings at the event. TwitPics of the event, speakers and live photo albums during the event
  • Share trivia regarding speakers and garner discussions especially to reach out to the people who are fans of the respective speakers.
  • Conversations with other twitter users at the venue and on twitter using #adasia2011Linkedin
  • To reach out to targeted professionals from agencies & brand in India/worldwide
  • To keep LinkedIn connections updated on AdAsia 2011 developments. Also used it as a platform to identify bloggers for AdAsia 2011 official blog


  • Use as the official communication channel for AdAsia 2011.
  • Build wealth of content and create a online footprint for the brand.Pre-launch
  • Engage with the TG prior to event by way of regular industry/conference updates, activities & contestsDuring Event
  • Engage with the audience during the event by way of real time coverage on various social networking sites; including live tweeting and live Facebook updatesPost-launch
  • Use the YouTube channel and blog as a perennial repository of all the happenings at AdAsia 2011



  • A blog was created, titled: Uncertainty : The New Certainty
  • The content for the blog was crowd sourced
  • Influencers and experts from the industry blogged for AdAsia on the theme of Uncertainty: The New Certainty
  • The blog became a hub for widespread interaction and knowledge sharing by means of comments from blog readers

Results: Blogs Total Blog Posts Total Page Views 43 5,000+


  • The theme for Facebook was Interpret the AdAsia 2011 Theme: Uncertainty the New Certainty
  • A contest was created for B School graduates and Working Professionals o Participants were asked to submit a 10 slide presentation interpreting AdAsia 2011 theme : Uncertainty the New Certainty
  • The contest ran over a span of four weeks and attracted favorable participation
  • Conference was covered live on Facebook for those who were not able to attend the event in person

Results: Facebook Total Fans Likes & Total Comments Impressions 27,110 6,251 1,113,5678


  • Twitter was primarily for engaging and conversing with the audience
  •  Users were asked to tweet their thoughts on AdAsia 2011 theme : Uncertainty the New Certainty
  • The official hashtag used for twitter was #AdAsia2011o Buzz about the AdAsia event was created and brand to viewers conversation was initiated

Results: Twitter Total Followers 426


  • Relevant information was seeded on targetted LinkedIn Groups in order to reach out to AdAsia’s target audience
  • Potential bloggers were identified through connections made on LinkedIn
  • General awareness and buzz was created about the conference/engagements by seeding relevant content in targeted Linked Groups

Results: Total Total Group Connections Communication 212 27


  • YouTube was the official communication channel for the event
  • Speaker videos were featured on the channel prior to the event, as a precursor to the conference
  • During and post the conference a video summary of each session was uploaded on the channel

Results: Videos Total Views Uploaded 42 6,997


Buzz surrounding AdAsia 2011 was successfully created pre launch on several Social Media platforms, thus achieving the PR objectives.

Conversations were recorded between the brand and the viewers and influencers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Finally, connecting the event to digital platforms generated a successful PR for AdAsia, while building a strong persona of the brand online

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