Confessions of a Facebook Addict

Shilpi Choudhury
New Update

27 Likes and 10 Comments… not good enough!  Logged in again after an hour - 60 Likes and 20 Comments… now it seems impressive! My new yellow shoes seem to have finally made an impression- it was worth the price!

What next

I visit my Wall. Sweety has adopted a new pug whose name is Tashi, Priya is on a trip to France and Oh My God ! She has lost so much weight, and did I forget to tell you that Sonam is in a relationship with Ankit, but why him ? …she deserved so much better!

Yes I confess, I am a Facebook addict! 

I do get withdrawal symptoms if I do not log on to my account for some days. Facebook has given me a persona which I otherwise did not have. The pics that get added to my album are very carefully handpicked. They are the best, they are the happiest and sometimes they have been clicked especially to go on Facebook.

My addiction has grown to an extent wherein I ignore people who have come over to my house to sneak out some time to be online, on Facebook.  I wish those ‘friends’ on their birthdays whom I would never bother to meet in real life. Sometimes I even go over board – I go out to meet my long lost acquaintances from school / college so that I can talk about /post it on my timeline.

When I am sad, I update my status with some depressing quote and hope to see my friends comment on it. When I am happy, I go around posting things like lovely weather at so and so city, awesome food at so and so place and wonderful evening with so and so person.

Am I suffering from Facebook Obsession Syndrome…I do not know ! Am I the only person suffering from it… I guess not! And as I decide to log off from my account, I visit my timeline once again- the number of Likes on my yellow shoes have increased to 80 now and a few comments have been added - I must answer them before I finally call it a day.


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