Facebook App Center Goes Live

Rakesh Kumar
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Facebook App Center Goes Live

While it was announced in the earlier part of June, Facebook App Center was not available in India. However, effective today, you can see it on the left-hand sidebar of your Facebook news feed.

Clicking on it will take you to the Facebook App Center, which closely resembles the Chrome App Store. Here you can find all the apps that follow Facebook's guidelines.


You can even check out the apps your friends are using.

The best thing about this Facebook App Center is that now each app will have its own description page where you can know more about the app and see the user details it will have access to.

A Note To Facebook App Developers

Your success on the App Center now rests entirely with the users. Based on user ratings and engagement, Facebook will decide whether to feature you on the App Center or not. And to help you monitor the user interaction with your app, Facebook will also provide you with Insights data on how your users rated your app.


So, make sure that your app is easy to use and engaging.

Also, since each app now has its own description page, the onus lies on you to make it more interesting. Treat this description page as a landing page and add as much useful information and interesting images as possible to boost your conversion rate. Your description page will be reviewed by Facebook before going live.


Apart from free apps and apps with in-app purchase, Facebook has now opened its doors to paid apps as well. Currently in beta, developers can register for it here.

This is really a great addition from Facebook and will hopefully end all the spammy apps that have been the bane of many Facebook users.

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