Facebook Groups Updated With Read Receipt

Facebook users must be already knowing that Facebook has added a functionality to chat and it lets you know when your message or chat was seen. Well, the same functionality has also been extended to Facebook Groups now.

From now, whenever you post anything in a Facebook group you will be presented with a Read Receipt letting you know who has read your post. You will be shown the count and the names of people in the read receipt.

How It Works

As soon as your post gets viewed up your group member, the post will be marked with a ‘check’ and the number of people who have viewed it. Hovering upon the number of views will give you have names of people who have seen your post and also the time when they viewed it. This data will count all the impressions generated by both desktops and mobiles.

Facebook Groups with Reach Metrics

It is important to note is that this data is not private unlike messages/chat and is visible to every group member and a non-group member who has the permission to view group posts. And once the post has been viewed by every group, it will be marked as ‘Seen By Everyone’.

Why Will It Work

I feel this is a step in a right direction as the data accrued from it will help people evaluate the posts they are posting. A simple comparison between the number of reads and the likes/comments will tell you how the audience viewed your posts, and based on this response you can come to know what type of content works best with the group.

The only thing that bugs me a little bit is that the time of read will also be visible to everyone. That does sound a little bit creepy. Also, there are hints that Facebook might bring this feature into your News Feed too. Cause of concern? Well, we can only wait and watch.

Facebook Launches New iOS Dev Center

Meanwhile, Facebook has also built a new version of Facebook SDK for iOS. This SDK will be equipped with many features and will also support soon-to-be-launched iOS 6. Facebook has also released an iOS Dev Center centralizing all the development resources in one hub. The aim behind this development is to help developers integrate Facebook with their native iOS apps.


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