Featuring a Social Media Agency : Tute Consult

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Featuring a Social Media Agency : Tute Consult

Who are we?

A young communications consultancy with a little daring soul is what we would like to describe ourselves as! We are a Communications Consultancy or a one stop shop for communications encompassing media, marketing and event solutions. Tute Consult was a result of bridging the gap between a typical PR/Digital/Events company whose main concentration was media or client based focus to a consumer centred brand focus.

We are a team of 7 energetic girls who aim to give some kick-ass communication solutions to our clients

What's in the name?

When the 9-5pm job seemed more mundane, process driven and tedious than ever and when sitting on the desk across a screen was more of a forced task, we decided to kick the monotony and do something that seemed more exciting and lucrative! Thus came about Tute Consult, emphasizing the need for work-life balance and an environment that was energetic and buzzing and whose DNA was all about communicating and creating value-additions for brands!

We do have a philosophy. Yes.

Tute standing for Tutankhamen, the young, restless Egyptian king and also fitting in the word ‘Intuition’ had the right zing to it. There was no looking back after this!

What we do?

Being in this business for over 9 years now, we have worked across lifestyle, entertainment and luxury clients. The company was formulated in July 2010 and within a short span we have an enviable list of clients and projects done under our belt pan-India. We don’t like to do things in an ordinary fashion and excuse us if we sound a little skittish but our clients swear by us and we by our work!

- Public Relations

- Offline and Online Creative Support

- Event Conceptualizations and Tie-ups

- Social and Digital Media

- Websites

- Content Writing/Video Content

The Tute Edge:

Responsive and pocket friendly | Extremely result oriented

Objective and Message oriented | Blunt and honest about deliveries

We believe in having a life! | We commit...we will do!

Why we do it?

A strong gap in the market as in isolation brands do not tend to benefit as much! We also do it because we think we can add some great value not only in terms of soft targets but hard core deliverables and numbers to substantiate it!

How we evolve?

We are ever-growing and evolving. We do this by keeping abreast of what,s happening….latest technologies, posts, reading and more reading and of course networking.

Social responsibility in social media

The agency can choose to work as an agency or be a part of the team! We work like a direct extension to the client and understand and incorporate their brand values. This is reflected in social messaging, digital strategies and likes. Some basic ethics also followed are to not use obscene, cuss language, over friendliness and be over bearing in general. Also from a client point of view, maintain the positive image and paint a good picture via all communication.

Need of the hour

Copyright laws, a central source for digital marketing information and a sounding board!

We learned the hard way

- Always quantify and base campaigns on analytics and not what one ‘feels’

- Give a measured response

- Be honest with the client

- Understand your medium! What goes on facebook may not work for twitter may not work for blogs!

Did we just share that?

We did have funny incidents when we ran contests and answers ranged from vague to obscene. This is a common phenomena though!

They work with us

We handle SMM for RainForest restobar and the Bikaji group.

Industry as we foresee

Social Media is a great supplementary medium and research and numbers have proven that induced sales may have occurred via it. Smart campaign planning and integrating it with other marketing tools will be an effective medium! Also stand alone social media may have its limitations hence look at digital in a way.

A day without Internet

Will be like staying in a dark room with no windows! Lost!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Not currently but will definitely keep in mind!

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