Featuring Social Media Courses : Digital Vidya

How did the idea of starting a Digital Marketing Learning Place come to you?

Both me [Pradeep Chopra] and my partner Kapil Nakra have been practicing digital marketing since 2000, when we started our 1st venture. Since then we’re informally helping our friends, associates and fellow entrepreneurs leverage Digital medium by sharing our experience at various forums including international conferences. In 2009 end, while were looking at starting a new venture, we thought it would be great idea to covert our passion into business. And Digital Vidya was born and we did our first Social Media Marketing workshop in Delhi in Jan 2010.

According to you, how important is it for a person to take this course?

Social Media is no more a choice today! It’s already an integral part of our lives. This quote from Socilnomics says it all ‘ROI of Social Media is that your business will still exist in 5 years’. Anyone who’s serious about leveraging Social Media for Brand Building, Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition, should definitely consider attending our 2-day, hands-on workshop on Social Media.

How often is the workshop held?

We organize these workshops in Delhi and Mumbai once in every 2 months. Bangalore is another location in India where we occasionally our Social Media Workshop. To celebrate the milestone of our 100th Social Media Workshop, we are organizing 3 workshops across India: Mumbai (July 19-20), Delhi (July 26-27) and Bangalore (Aug 7-8).

We’ve also organized our popular 2-day Social Media workshop in Singapore, Malaysia and Oman in the past. We’ve already planned to organize the same workshop in Indonesia and Qatar in next quarter.

In addition to our classroom workshops, we’d recently launched online Social Media Course. This online course is 1-month long program targeted at both professionals, who are interested in building in-depth practical understanding of Social Media Marketing. It is also aimed at students or professionals, who are interested in building their career in Social Media.

What is the duration of the workshop?

The duration of our popular hands-on workshop is 2 days while it’s 4 weeks for our online Social Media Courses.

What is the workshop/course curriculum?

The agenda for this 2-day Social Media workshop will comprise of various aspects of Social Media such as Why care about Social Media, How to create and execute Social Media strategy, How to leverage Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for Branding, Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition, How to measure ROI of Social Media.

In addition, there’s a session being planned to discuss about the opportunity of other Social Media Channels such as Pinterest, SlideShare, Google+ & about latest trends such as Mobile Apps.

Who should join the workshop/course – students, business owners, brand managers?

The workshop is targeted at Sales & Marketing professionals, PR & Communication teams, CXOs & Entrepreneurs, Digital Marketers, CRM professionals and Management students. Over 2000 people from 500+ brands have participated in our 99 worskhops across 4 countries in last 2.5 years. A selective list of our worskhops attendee companies is available on our site. To get a sense of the kind of people who participate in our workshops, please refer to past workshops details.

What platforms do you cover?

As mentioned above, we have in-depth, practical sessions on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. And a separate discussion on other channels such as Pinterest, Google+, Blogs and SlideShare.

Do you have different courses for different platforms? Can you shed some light on it?

In the past, we’d organized a full day session on Twitter for Business. However, we are currently not offering platform specific public workshops. However, we’ve been doing a number of in-house corporate workshops, which are platform focused. For e.g., we conducted an advanced Facebook marketing workshop for a large media company and similarly organized a B2B for lead generation workshop for a large IT company.

What are the eligibility criterias?

In terms of understanding, we expect participants of our workshop to have basic understanding of key Social Media platforms. There’s no other criterion.

Can you brief us on the Faculty profile?

Our workshops are largely led by either me [Pradeep Chopra] or my partner Kapil Nakra. Both of us have over 12 years of hands-on Digital Marketing experience. Our details profiles are available on our site.

Type of workshop – Individual, group, corporate?

As shared earlier, we offer 3 kinds of trainings:

  1. Classroom based Social Media Workshop
  2. Online Scocial Media course
  3. Corporate Workshops on various aspects of Digital Marketing

Are there different courses for beginners and advanced users?

Our workshops are relevant for all kinds of users. Our corporate workshops serve the purpose of customization based on complexity level, platform focus and even duration.

Can you share some testimonials?

We’ve trained over 2000 professionals since Jan 2010 and have at least few hundred testimonials captured. To get an idea of the kind of people who participate in our workshops and to get a sense of their experience, please refer to the following:

  1. Testimonials on our Website
  2. Recommendations on our LinkedIn Company Page

How much does the workshop cost for: a) Individuals and b) Corporates?

The price for our upcoming 2-day Social Media Workshop is Rs 15,000 (+ service tax). The price for in-house corporate workshops is based on the level of customization and degree of complexity. One can register online into our public workshops.

Where are the workshops held?

We organize our worskhops in 4/5 star hotels in the respective cities. The venue for our upcomings worskhops are Hotel Sea Princess in Mumbai, Hotel The Suryaa in Delhi and Ramada in Bangalore.

Do they help with internships/jobs?

As shared earlier, our online Social Media courses help its participants get a new job in Social Media/Digital Marketing.