Is Twitter Right for Your Business?

Twitter as we know it, is a micro-blogging site or an instant public messaging service. It allows you to broadcast content quickly and effectively. Unlike any other networking platform, Twitter is real time. While the population on Twitter may be less as compared to Facebook, it has become a favored platform for internet marketing. More brands have turned to twitter to boost their sales.

Breaking news finds its way on Twitter before it flashes on news channel. Celebrities use twitter to engage with their fans. Thought leaders share and exchange ideas with like-minded people.

Twitter can popularize (Read: Trend) anything at its own will. If used correctly, twitter can be a powerful medium to increase brand awareness, engage with the right audience and promote the product.

Does this mean that any brand can use the Twitter?

The title of the article cannot answer that question. Let us reverse the title:

Is Your Business Right for Twitter?

Simply because you have a medium to promote does not guarantee you a success rate. There are several factors a brand must consider before promoting itself on social media scene. Throughout the campaign, these factors can be traced from objectives to results. Let us look at some factors that should be considered by a brand before joining Twitter.

What do you have to offer?

Being on twitter as a brand, you must have something to offer to the audience. It could be regular news update, facts about your industry, views and opinions, or anything that appeals to your audience. No brand full of itself will survive on twitter for too long.

Will I find my audience on twitter?

Of course, if your audience is not on twitter, there is no point of your existence on twitter.

Are my influencers on twitter?

Food critics or bloggers could be influencers for a restaurant; architects could be influencers for a cement company; and tech bloggers could be influencers for a mobile company. Similarly, are influencers for your brand active on twitter? Find that out first.

Are your competitors using twitter?

It always helps to find out what your competitors are up to. It can give you a greater insight into how successful they have been in using twitter. Track your competitors very closely and see if there are any positives or negatives to take from their actions. In any case, you are to benefit from this action.

Do I want to build a community?

It does not matter if you have a thousand followers or a million. What matters is whether or not these followers belong to your community and your industry. This will also help in building a brand loyal community.

Now that we understood what type of brand can use twitter, let’s see how twitter will help benefit a business.

Here are 8 ways for a brand to use twitter effectively:

  1. Connect with your audience: The most important reason for being on twitter. Make it a daily routine to talk to your audience.
  2. Brand Yourself: You don’t want to be a recognized as a bot who asks questions. Build your image as per your needs.
  3. Stay Updated: Feed your audience with what is happening in your company and in your audience. Stay updated and keep your audience updated.
  4. Offers: Giveaways always work best on twitter. Merge them with a small interactive activity and you have a fun engagement. Audiences love contests that are built for their benefit alone. Be selfless and provide your audience with coupons, discounts and more once in a while.
  5. Market Yourself: The ultimate motto of every brand is to market. Be careful when marketing yourself. You don’t want to overdo it. Twitter is loaded with spammers and you don’t want to be one of them.
  6. Check your content: Twitter has the power to make any content viral with a time frame of 15 minutes. Check your content regularly for any mistakes. Stay away from controversial remarks.
  7. Customer Service: There will be happy customers and there will be unhappy customers. Make it a point to give balanced priority to both. You don’t want to lose happy customers while you are busy talking to unhappy ones and neither do you want to ignore the unhappy ones.
  8. Competition Benchmarking: Keep a track of your competition activities on a regular basis. It always helps to learn from one’s mistakes.


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Uday Mane, best known to many as The Allegorist, is a Social Media expert, planner and consultant who works as a free-lancer. He eats, breathes and lives for his passion of story writing. He is nocturnal and spends most of his night working on romantic, dramatic, and murderous plots that he converts into short stories and publishes on his blog