MTS Social CRM Social Media Case Study


  • To counter the prevailing negative sentiment on the web
  • Listen and monitor online conversations
  • Engage users who are not happy with the service and offer solutions
  • Predict and manage situation with potential of full blown crisis for the brand


  • Put a multi-stakeholder SCRM process in place engaging online communities, customer care executives, management and online properties of the brand
  • Used state-of-the-art social media monitoring tool to track online conversations
  • Created user maps of communities engaging in conversations related to the brand
  • Aggressively engage unhappy customers by offering them speedy solutions
  • Tracking online brand sentiment with speedy response for any spike in negative sentiment

Benefits of Social CRM

  • Create positive word of mouth
  • More Sales: If you are engaged with people and are having conversations with them one to one, positive recommendations can lead to a sale
  • Lead Generation: People are looking online for information, services, product information, and recommendations, tapping these people can generate leads
  • Complaint Management: We identify and track the issues with your brand
  • Promotions: SCRM helps in promoting new products and services as you already have a vibrant and active