Social Media Case Study : #FAASTweetUp [Puma]

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Jul 30, 2012 09:45 IST
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Social Media Case Study : #FAASTweetUp [Puma]


PUMA’s range of FAAS shoes are modeled after the superstar Jamaican, none other than Usian Bolt. To get consumers to sample these shoes, the Faas Launch was accompanied by the 'Faas Test'

This is a fun little activity. A small piece of a running rubber track and the Speed Gun. Wear your Faas shoes and see just how fast you are! Normally, these are laid out at different activation points for people to experience FAAS.

Why Do A TweetUp?

Jack In The Box Worldwide said, why not make this a tweetup? We can involve theTwitter Junta from Mumbai in a fun activity where the brand can engage with them, offline. And so, that’s what they did.

The audiences on Twitter are known to be really opinionated and subsequently, individuals with opinions on different life genres have huge amounts of following. It is then, when these individuals talk about PUMA and their experiences with the brand at the event that really bring the brand and it’s product to the forefront of conversations for the duration of the event.

Another challenge was- how do they long tail the brand traction using the same people over a longer period of time as opposed to a one-time burst on Twitter? Well, the solution was simple. They used the event as a brand cum product induction of sorts for the invitees. And then then unleashed contests on Twitter every alternate day that were conducted by their invitees for the tweetup!

The tweeple they targeted as invitees for the event come from various walks of life and yet fall under PUMA’s core TG. These are people who are into Digital Media, Green Initiatives, Copywriters, Marketing, Acting, or just plain studying!

The venue chosen for the event was the hip Cest’ La Vie in the coolest Mumbai Suburb of Bandra. There was booze. There was food. There were free shoes. And, there was Running.

Here’s how the magic happened…


At Event

The Activities planned were as follows:

1. Run the FAAS Test and be crowned the FAAStest Tweep (Male & Female) and win PUMA gift cards

2. Pick a date, Pick a Hashtag with the word FAAS in it and run a contest from your twitter handle and we will give away goodies to the winners.

3. Karaoke Sessions


And that's not it, every attendee gets a pair of PUMA FAAS Shoes and a FAAS Bag. And obviously, drinks and food were on the house.

Post Event


• From the influencers who attended the tweetup we asked tweeps to run a contest on their personal twitter profiles


• For the contest we asked the tweeps to choose a hashtag where the word FAAS was mandatory. For eg. #FAASfood #YoMamaSoFAAS and so on

• The contests were run in the format of quizzes, trivia's, captions etc


• This created a lot of buzz on twitter as people started getting curious about the word FAAS.

• The brand connect here was that we gave away FAAS 300 shoes as giveaways


During Tweetup

• 22 Influencers from Twitter with a total reach of 81,700 showed up. (Including two gatecrashers)

• Impressions generated: 1,044,922 with a reach of 1,55,954.

• #FAASTweetup trended in Mumbai

• Total impressions from @PUMACricket – 20,946

• Total number of mentions to @PUMACricket – 176 in 2 hours

Post Tweetup

• Contest 1: Total Tweets: 323 I Total Impressions 2,16,665 I Reach: 62,434

• Contest 2: Total Tweets: 200 I Total Impressions 1,08,600 I Reach: 50,434

• Contest 3: Total Tweets: 238 I Total Impressions 3,60,267 I Reach: 57,806

• Contest 4: Total Tweets: 140 I Total Impressions 1,45,508 I Reach: 17,660

• Contest 5: Total Tweets: 105 I Total Impressions 1,34,747 I Reach: 24,987

• Contest 6: Total Tweets: 279 I Total Impressions 2,78,027 I Reach: 85,611

• Contest 7: Total Tweets: 279 I Total Impressions 2,78,027 I Reach: 85,611

• Contest 8: Total Tweets: 439 I Total Impressions 6,32,761 I Reach: 83,515

• Contest 9: Total Tweets: 140 I Total Impressions 1,22,529 I Reach:20,324

• Contest 10: Total Tweets: 149 I Total Impressions 1,45,789 I Reach: 45,774

• Total: Tweets: 2292 | Total Impressions 2,422,920 | Reach: 534,156


Case Study Submitted by Jack In the Box Worldwide 

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