Social Media Case Study: MOD


Donut Day 2012 : How Mad Over Donuts handled online queries & kept their fans/followers engaging.

Case Study Submitted by Gozoop  


Facebook Promotions

  • Facebook Banner Creative- Created a buzz before Donut Day. Fans had started asking about the celebrations.
  • Facebook Promotion – Before Donut Day Excitement among fans. Tagged peers to make them aware about ‘Mad Over Donuts’ Donut Day.Tags Engagement Likes
  • Word cloud – Comments Comments before Donut Day (Promotional Post) ‘Wow’ ‘Treat’ ‘Coming’ ‘15th June’ ‘Awesome‘ ‘Donut for Rs. 25’ ‘Best thing heard’…
  • Donut Day – Promotional Post Donut day promotional post went viral among Facebook fans with 500+ likes & 177 shares.
  • Live updates (posts) – Live updates from Mad Over Donuts stores were shared among Facebook fans. – 11 posts on donut day (content posting strategy). – Fans had started tagging these images.Tags Engagement Likes

Twitter Promotions

  • Tweeps tweeted about the crowd at Mad Over Donuts stores.
  • Shared donut images.
  • #modDonutDay was promoted while interactions.
  • Users had tweeted MOD Donut Day as a success.
  • Tweets with hashtag #modDonutDay
  • TweetCloud for MadOverDonutsTop five words: RT, donuts, donut, day, #moddonutday
Social Media Case Study : Mad Over Donuts 

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Facebook Summary

  • Multiple content posting strategy including live store images, post updates, etc.
  • Also, fan base count has been on the rise before and after Donut Day.
  • Prompt and satisfactory replies to customers who had trouble getting Donuts onDonut Day has just taken Mad Over Donuts as a brand to higher levels with lots ofsatisfied customers and fans on Facebook.
  • Facebook users reach was nearly 70% of the current fan base on Donut Day.
  • 4 Top cities who had reached the most were Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune & New Delhi.
  • 4x times the daily page views on Facebook.Viral reach was 3x times in comparison to the daily reach.
  • Post donut day experiences were shared on Facebook as well as on Twitter.

Twitter Summary

  • The total tweet count for Donut Day was 158. This includes replies and re-tweets.
  • Nearly 41% of these tweets were replies to our followers regarding the event.
  • 49% of these tweets were re-tweeted.
  • #modDonutDay was used as the primary hashtag for all tweets from the Mad OverDonuts handle as well as by our followers.
  • Also, our follower count has been on the rise before and after Donut Day.


  • Mad Over Donuts is now an established well known brand.
  • Brand awareness has increased as compared to last year’s Donut Day.
  • The event went viral on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Fans/followers are now aware of ‘Mad Over Donuts’ Donut Day celebrations.
  • Social media has emerged as a boon to the brand in terms of replying & communication with the brand patrons.
  • Queries were addressed with prompt responses.
  • Positive feedback from the brand followers.