Wondering What Your First Tweet Was?

If you are a Twitter addict like me, chances are that you have tweeted so much that you can’t find what you tweeted several weeks back. Let alone your first tweet ever.

I am pretty sure you have at least wondered once about your first tweet, then googled ‘how to find my first tweet’ only to be disappointed that you can’t see it. Well, not entirely true, Twitter does allow people with less than 3200 tweets to find their first tweet. But for Twitter addicts 3200 tweets is what they accomplish in a week.

However, all this is set to change if Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo is to be believed.

In a meeting with journalists and editors of NY Times, Twitter’s CEO said:

“We’re working on a tool to let users export all of their tweets….. You’ll be able to download a file of them.”

Compare this to sites like Facebook and Google which readily allow their users to download all their data into a file. One may argue that people Tweet more often than they post updates on Facebook, but then Facebook also has 6 times the number of Twitter users.

As Twitter has grown in popularity, more people have started exploring ways to find their past tweets. This led to many 3-party service providers promising users to find their old tweets. However, all these service providers were limited by Twitter’s API which restricted them to the last 3200 tweets only.

But now Twitter has assigned more engineers to this cause and soon, users will have the ability to download their entire Twitter history to their computer. Do note however that Twitter will only allow you to view your own Tweet history and not that of others.

“It’s two different search problems. It’s a different way of architecting search, going through all tweets of all time. You can’t just put three engineers on it.”

While Mr.Costolo not say when this facility will be available, he did indicate that it will be available soon.

Image courtesy: Aih