Aviva India: Happy Frames Facebook Campaign Review

Aviva India

Brand: Aviva Life Insurance

What is it: Insurance group – Protection, Retirement, Savings and Investments.

Facebook: Aviva India

Fans: 3604

Twitter: @avivaindia

Followers: 110

Campaign duration: 27th July – 5th August

The Aviva India Facebook page is about protection for the loved ones and betterment of children’s future. The cover page brings out the theme very well.


Based on this theme, a campaign titled Happy Frames was launched on 27th July. Does the title ring any bell?

What is the contest about?

Building up on the theme of the page, the campaign’s primary focus is father-son relationship.

The first trip to Essel World, the first day to school, the weekend outings, teaming up on a sports day, or helping out with your studies; your father has always been around to support you. We have lived these moments with our father. We have cherished these moments for years.

Happy Frames lets you re-live these moments.

The contest workflow is very simple and user-friendly.

  • Like the page.
  • Choose a frame
  • Upload a photo
  • Describe the photo in 60 characters or less
  • Submit and share

You are done within a minute.


The contest is very easy to understand and participate. It is well designed adhering to the brand color codes. There are no glitches from start to end and the app works very smoothly. The concept of the application stays true to its theme. It’s about father-son relationship and asks the user to share the best moment in their relation.

The contest is designed to reach out to a specific target audience. That goal is definitely achieved. The simplicity of the campaign is also its highlight.

One thoughtful element is the choice of prizes given out. Nothing fancy, but exactly what children fancy.



Although the concept seems fitting to reach the audience with minimal cost involved, there is nothing unique about it. We have seen the “relive your moments” contest several times. Almost every other brand has done it on several occasions. Share your best photos and win prizes is 19th century and a no brainer.

The page does mention 5 prizes daily, but somehow when I clicked on the winner’s tab, it drew a blank. I will only assume that there is a small delay or a technical error and the winner list, as mentioned on the wall, will show up anytime soon.



User-friendly campaigns always work well with the audience, especially when you have a chance to win something and invest only just under a minute. The campaign reaches out to the direct target audience and at 3.5K fans on page; the contest seems to be working out well.

Please note that I wrote this article in the span of an hour, and the fan numbers have gone up to 3634 (30 fans in an hour). Not bad!

The content also seems to have worked well on the page, since the people talking about this has seen a rise from 67 (27th July) to 1392 (30th July).

Assuming that there has not been a media buy, I would say that is a very impressive growth.