Social Media Case Study: Chill Out Surprise – Lipton Ice Tea India

Brand: Lipton Ice Tea India
Positioning: Take A Chill Pill
Campaign: Chill Out Surprise
Duration: 6 Days
Location: Mumbai
Agency: Social Seety

Lipton Ice Tea’s social media campaign – Chill Out Surprise.

Stress!! It is a word that is all around us and we crib about it everyday. Now what we found out through crisp research is that with the evolution of Human Kind the places we crib out our stress also evolved. And today 80% of us crib on social media and that too majorly on Twitter.

So we thought why not spread some smiles amongst the stressed tweeps by a little surprise. And that’s how “Chill Out Surprise” came to life.

Chill Out Surprise Destination 1: Mumbai

In this campaign we targeted Twitter for stress-filled or complaining tweets from the city. We first went all over Twitter and found out all the tweeps who were stressed out and were venting it out on Twitter. Then through crisp research we tracked down their location and after finding out where they were the Chill Out Crew began their mission…the mission to spread happiness and smiles. The Chill Out Crew reached the stressed tweeps location with a customized Chill Out Hamper and Voila!! They were surprised and how.

The idea not only tapped the digital platform but also engaged the target audience on ground by tweeting its own whereabouts while delivering the gifts. This we say is Social media. A medium which can create an experience for the consumer that will stay with them forever and also not forgetting the strong product connect that can be generated via such campaigns.

The campaign has been extremely successful and has received a phenomenal response. There’s an interesting video that captures the emotions of the individuals who were pleasantly surprised by LIT’s kind gesture and brings out the true essence of Lipton Ice Tea’s motto – take a chill pill.

Here are the results of the campaign:

  • Half A Million Impressions
  • 10+ tweets per minute
  • 3000 + Interactions
  • 1,50,000 + People reached
  • 20% Jump in number of followers in just 6 days!!
  • 1 City
  • 6 Days
  • 14 Stressed people
  • 1 Chill Out Surprise
  • Countless Smiles

Says Rashi Goel, Brand Manager, Lipton Ice Tea “Lipton Ice Tea is a delicious beverage that gives instant refreshment so it helps people ‘Take a Chill Pill’ in the middle of a busy day. The “chill out surprise” has been a very effective brand activation wherein we have surprised our consumers with moments of relaxation and refreshment in the middle of their normal working day! This brings alive the brand proposition and helps our consumers experience the brand promise first hand. It also goes to demonstrate yet again how social media portals like Twitter (in this case) make it easy for brands to directly connect, interact and gratify their consumers”.

Case Study Submitted by Social Seety

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